Abuse of WA State Taxpayers’ Money


Issues related to economy and state budget.

Judicial, Medical, & CPS DSHS misuse of tax dollars causes financial ruin; unemployment, bankruptcy, & homelessness.

Below is a modified copy of a public interest letter.
Sharing information deepens understanding.

Original copy may be given upon request.

Names have been removed and replaced with an ”X”

Re: Officer ”X”  Citizen’s arrest in closed ex parte court of Washington, County of Pierce

Anne Giroux
P.O. Box 65606
University Place, WA 98464

Pierce County Sheriff Attention Court Security Sergeant ”X”
930 Tacoma Avenue South Tacoma, Washington 98402

April 18, 2014

Re: Officer ”X”
Court related case incident on December 10, 2013 occurred in the ex parte Court of Washington, County of Pierce Family Law- Case No. ”X”  Modification of Custody. I am pro se litigant and a citizen of the United States of America.

Dear Sergeant ”X”,
I am writing this letter to share my personal concerns regarding a security court officer ”X”  that occurred on December 10, 2013. The entirety of this serious concern is based on my knowledge as what I believe as true. My apologies in the delay of these serious concerns presented, however I was able to finally get the correct spelling of the officer’s name along with yours just yesterday.

Although, I recognize the court notes are still available to you, and that they provide you with the court’s and /or court security officer ”X”’s perspectives, or concerns. I would be grateful if you could have my records carefully reviewed and file this letter in your records along with my own. I am concerned about the negative impact my experience can have in the community and fellow Washington citizens if not shared.

I would be grateful if you could have someone audit or review Officer ”X”’s actions and procedures related to a citizens’ arrest and carefully considering the other court security officers within your department. In my opinion, my personal experience with Officer ”X” on December 10, 2013 involved unnecessary police brutality while I was locked in an exparte court room in regards to a contempt issues initially presented in July 2013. The injuries suffered were evaluated by booking when they took my blood pressure my injuries on my right arm and wrist were visibly swollen and bruised. I pointed this out after they told me my blood pressure was very high. I told them I was in pain from the police brutality just inflicted by Officer ”X”. I was told I could be seen in the infirmary. My injuries were also observed by the woman who fingerprinted me as she was made aware of the swelling of my right arm and wrist on her own. It was very painful to roll my right wrist left to right and vice versa. I told the woman what happened and she told me I would be able to be treated in the jail’s infirmary.

If the care of citizen’s arrest is not taken seriously while in a court room can result in a county or an officer having to be liable for such conducts that are directly responsible for a citizen’s safety. I feel it is my duty to shed light on the truth. Also, I want to apologize ahead of time for both the delay and lengthiness of this letter, it was difficult to leave out information I felt was important and regardless of the date of the incident my valid attempt to share serious concerns is still worth sharing multiple reasons and for the good of betterment.

I was clearly and unnecessarily traumatized by the multiple wrongful actions, such as bodily harm taken by Officer ”X” on December 10, 2013 that was scheduled at 3:30 inside the closed and locked ex parte court room 105 and while in the presence of Commissioner  ”X”, DAC ”X” WSBA # ”X”, Opposing Counsel ”X” WSBA # ”X”, his client ”X” and his girlfriend ”X”. I’m in fear of further bodily harm by Officer ”X” and even more so after sharing this concern. The court records may have an open court stamp however the court room door was closed and locked prior to my entering the court room and after I entered the court room. Also, I have medical records that I am willing to share with you and your department upon request and welcome any face to face meeting for any questions or concerns.

Moreover, I do not wish to meet Officer ”X” again. I understand some of these issues may not be issues you would handle personally, however, they are shared to show example of what can happen in a locked court room blocking public transparency of a citizen’s arrest by a court security officer when nothing is in place to prevent police brutality for the purpose of citizen’s safety. There is a need to add the additional security so officers, courts, and citizens to ensure protection.

A determination of whether force is used appropriately requires an evaluation of the need for the use of force, the relationship between that need and the amount of forced used, the seriousness of the threat reasonably believed to exist, and efforts made to temper the severity of a forceful response. Hudson v. McMillian, 503 U.S. 1, 7 (1992). The practice of appropriate uses of force in a given circumstance should include a continuum of interventions, and the amount of force used should not be disproportionate to the threat posed by the citizen or inmate. Lesser forms of intervention should be used or considered prior to more serious and forceful interventions.

Is it possible to find out if any violations took place such as a locked court room with one officer and a citizen? I do not share this simply to complain, my hopes are recognition to what can be done to prevent this from ever happening again. It is also my understanding, a court security officer does not always have a supervisor around at the time of an officer’s performance and I felt it was important for you to hear from a citizen’s perspective of their experience of the officer you are evaluating during an annual employee performance review. I would be appreciative if you would file this concern in Officer ”X”‘s employee file for the purpose of your department to have the necessary information shared as an example of areas that are necessary for improvements such as citizen’s care, communications, and ethics.

There is a need for a comprehensive annual court security employee training in appropriate use of force techniques in a court room is an essential element of a court security required in-service training. This lack of training contributes to the prevalence of inappropriate use of excessive force that creates significant danger such as causing bodily harm and or even death. There was also inadequate medical care by the delay of my being sent to the infirmary, and by my being denied my prescription of heart medicine that was part of the booking discovery of contents in my purse. Moreover, a jail may not deny or intentionally interfere with medical treatment however they did and my condition worsened.

The delay in providing medical treatment was so significant that it amounted to
a denial of treatment and the medical care falls below the constitutionally required standards of care. There were many concerns observed that would warrant a visit from OSHA. Ten minutes after I was discharged from jail approximately 30 hours after booked I was treated at a nearby hospital emergency room given not only one but two doses of heart medicine under the direction of the emergency room physician that was also twice the dose of the prescribed amount by my own primary care physician at one time. There were multiple findings from the injuries that were inflicted upon me by Officer ”X”. I would prefer, however, to resolve these serious concerns by working cooperatively with appropriate departments and it is my hopes any concerns that cannot be handled directly by your department would be forwarded to the more appropriate department. I am confident that my concerns will be taken seriously since I have decided to share an awareness of this concern with other 2 other appropriate agencies because I felt the recommendations for improvement were important.

Police Misconduct Provision .This law makes it unlawful for State or local law enforcement officers to engage in a pattern or practice of conduct that deprives persons of rights protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. (42 U.S.C. § 14141). The types of conduct covered by this law can include, among other things, excessive force, discriminatory harassment, false arrests, coercive sexual conduct, and unlawful stops, searches or arrests. I am asking for this letter to be placed into the records of both the department and the Officer ”X” as a reminder of the misconduct and the need to prevent such a recurrence to avoid any future patterns or practices by either the department or by Officer ”X”.

While my experience may or may not simply be an isolated incident it is an incident that should be noted and there is a need to end the misconduct and changes in the county’s policies and procedures that resulted in allowing this misconduct. Officer ”X”failed to properly make good judgments and actions. As a result, he has effectively caused me harm and loss. His prejudice is clear, and convincing. I am concerned that Officer”X”’s private displays in a court house presents such a disregard for safety and made no attempt to communicate in any way to prevent such harm to my body and or property such as my personal cell phone and the other contents in my purse when he chose to slam my phone into my purse. I communicated to the courts that I was going to call my mother and I began to dial and then the police brutality was inflicted. I was not resisting arrest I communicated this and the officer never made an attempt to communicate therefore this is a direct violation of RCW 10.31.050.

I was made aware of the possibility I may be sent to jail by the false contempt allegations, and at no time did I resist arrest. I communicated to the courts, including Officer ”X” that I was going to simply call my Japanese mother in regards to transportation since it was arranged for her to drive me home after court. After I made that announcement Officer ”X”  caused unnecessary bodily harm to the left side of my stomach, thighs, and right wrist and arm. Immediate bruising, swelling, raised blood pressure and chest pains were made aware by me verbally and by observations by both the court and jail employees. I have pictures that I am willing to share of these injures upon request. While walking out of the court room the Officer ”X” continued to not communicate with me verbally however continued to cause unnecessary harm while after I was handcuffed and was observed by the community in the court house while he was squeezing my left arm tightly. I have pictures of the bruising of my left side and stomach, my left arm, thighs, and my right wrist and arm.

These injuries, swelling, and bruising were immediate and observed by the county employees in the court, jail and by physicians in the community.I do not have medical insurance and had to apply for charity to pay for the emergency medical treatments related to the bodily harm caused. The physician’s referred me to an orthopedic follow up however it is a financial burden for me while there is no charity application for such services. I was declared as indigent at least twice in the last 12 months by the Pierce County Courts, with the most recent by Commissioner Clint Johnson on January 2014.

Are you able to find out if there is any medical coverage’s for my injuries that were inflicted upon me by your court security officer while in a court room? The emergency physician referred me to an orthopedic physician if the swelling or pain continued in fact a second x-ray on my right wrist was ordered in January 2014, one month after the date of the injury on the basis the pain and swelling were visibly concerning to even the physician.

On May 30, 2006: Otto Zehm was beaten to death by Spokane police officers after he was falsely reported to be stealing from an ATM. He was hit multiple times from behind by a baton, tasered, hog-tied and left on his stomach. He was transported to a hospital, where he was pronounced brain-dead and died two days later.

None of the officers were disciplined for Zehm’s death. In July 2009, the first officer on the scene was charged with excessive force and falsifying a report. On November 2, 2011, the officer was found guilty on the two counts: excessive force and lying to investigators about the confrontation that led to Zehm’s death. Otto Zehm’s last words were, “All I wanted was a Snickers Bar”

On December 10, 2014 all I wanted to do was call my Japanese mother to tell her she did not have to wait to drive me home from court. All I wanted to do was show respect to my mother by making a courtesy call. I believe that the misconduct is based on my national origin for multiple reasons such as the police brutality was inflicted after the exact moment I announced my wanting to simply call my Japanese mother. During the booking process my national origin and ethnicity was questioned yet despite my response that I was a Japanese French American born in Japan my identity was input into the jail roster as my ethnicity and race as white when both my driver’s license and booking picture and information clearly shows that I am not white.

The employees of the county jail were visibly briefed by Officer ”X” and demonstrated prejudice and bias prior to booking by the mistreatment of a citizen in a discriminatory manner and while also being booked. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the “OJP Program Statute” Together, these laws prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, and religion by State and local law enforcement agencies that receive financial assistance from the Department of Justice. (42 U.S.C. § 2000d, et seq. and 42 U.S.C. § 3789d(c)). These laws prohibit both individual instances and patterns or practices of discriminatory misconduct, i.e., treating a person differently because of race, color, national origin, sex, or religion.

There needs to be specialized training for all security court Police Officers that focus on police interaction and accountability all with unarmed citizens in a court room. There is an immediate need for implementation of new rules regarding the use of for force. In my opinion, any attempt to try and discredit a citizen after concern or errors can actually end up in an officer and/ or organization documenting self-incrimination(s).
My hope is to bring to awareness and a plea for your assistance to look into these actions to promote a cease action of the ceaseless efforts of wrongful actions that presents a citizens concerns. A copy of this court security police misconduct and discriminatory concerns will be shared as my valid attempt for awareness, remedies, and recommendations for Civil Enforcement with a few other agencies such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and to the Coordination and Review Section; Civil Rights Division; U.S. Department of Justice; P.O. Box 66560;Washington, D.C. 20035-6560.

Thank you ahead of time for your valued time, and respected consideration’s on these serious matters.

Anne Giroux Case No. ”X’


December 10, 2013 police brutality …..
On December 10, 2013
I was discriminated the same as countless other Japanese Americans in Washington State on December 10, 1941 and with the support of the FBI because the FBI viewed Japanese Americans as disloyal and although I and many other Japanese Americans did not commit any crimes we were wrongfully incarcerated and everything we owned was taken from us and it is a discrimination of hate that exists today an in my case.

There was never any evidence of adequate cause for the litigations and therefore there cannot be any contempt in a fraudulent case but Washington Tax payers paid for the Washington State Appellate Court and Washington State Supreme Courts decision to voluntarily read my case and to publish their opinion at the expense of tax payers money although there is no evidence of adequate cause and Washington State economy should not have to face further detriment as result of negative personal feelings of Japanese Americans that clearly discriminates everyone. The public should demand an audit on how all tax payers money is being transmitted to public officials and for Washington State Appellate Court and Washington State Supreme Court voluntary action to take action on my case to cover up in my opinion corruption because I was never involved in these actions and the public was never involved in the decisions of these actions so in this case involving a style of  pro bono action to volunteer the tax payers should never be charged and the community given back that money to alleviate homelessness and unemployment in our state, wouldn’t any tax payer agree? I simply do not have to be a career politician to know right from wrong and or have the courage to not give up on protecting individual  rights.

Document 1: J. Edgar Hoover to Edwin M. Watson, December 10, 1941:
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover routinely forwarded information for the President through military aide and presidential secretary General Edwin M. “Pa” Watson.
This December 10, 1941 letter
and accompanying map show the locations of the 1,212 Japanese aliens considered to be disloyal or dangerous that were arrested by the Bureau within 48 hours of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Additional maps gave the locations of the 620 German and 98 Italian aliens taken into custody. (President’s Official File 10-B: Justice Department; FBI Reports, 1941; Box 15).http://www.fdrlibrary.marist.edu/archives/pdfs/internment.pdf

Today, the decision to intern Japanese Americans is widely viewed by historians and … Americans had been forced from their homes and moved to camps in remote … Document 1: J. Edgar Hoover to Edwin M. Watson, December 10, 1941:.

Seattleites Tells Views on Japs in Seattle Post Intelligence Boeing Worker: ‘THEY SHOULD NEVER COME BACK” http://depts.washington.edu/civilr/after_internment.htm

On December 10 2013 I was locked in a secret court room and beaten up in front of a court camera that was on the wall behind Commissioner Diana Kiesel that not only watched the attack but ordered it. I reported this to Representative Dick Muri, Senator Steve O Ban, Governor Jay Inslee and to each of the 49 WA State Lawmakers and not only was I ignored but each of them failed in their duties to fulfill their obligations to protect individual rights. Contempt in my case supposedly stemmed from a July 2013 court order yet I was subjected to threats of incarceration and gas lighting from July 2013 to December 2013. Police brutality and wrongful incarceration. How many other Japanese Americans are experiencing the same discrimination today and what percent of litigations of Japanese or Japanese Americans experience a violation of their due rights in Washington State  and taking away everything they owned?

I reported to Seattle and WA DC FBI but what good does reporting to FBI about judicial crimes when clearly a Japanese American is viewed as disloyal and what good are court cameras if they are only used by courts and for courts when they want? How can the public be protected by any camera on police or in court room if they are clearly discriminated against by community and people who are suppose to protect them with a mindset that Japanese Americans that are viewed as disloyal?

Seatleites Tell Views On Japs

William Devin, Seattle ’s Mayor, initially opposed resettlement but later backtracked. On September 20th, 1944 three months before the federal government’s announcement, he said that he did not want to be the first to hire a Japanese or Japanese-American person in a city-government job. He “felt it would be better for these people to mingle with the community, to see how the community might take them, before their employment by the city.”[24] Mayor Devin somewhat backed down when the WRA announced its resettlement plans. On December 18th, 1944, Devin released a statement that “promised ‘full protection’ for all returned Japanese.” He wished that the citizens of Seattle “put into effect those principals of democracy which we are all so justly proud as Americans. As the mayor of this city, it is my duty to see to it that all of our citizens, regardless of race or color, are given equal protection under the law and that I intend to do.” Either feeling pressure from on high, or an ability to use the Army’s declaration as political cover against his anti-Japanese allies, Devin finally went on record saying he was willing to accept the Japanese and Japanese-Americans back.[25] He went on to encourage the Civic Unity Committee to take a leading role in minimizing conflict over resettlement.[26]

But just as Devin was backing down, Governor Mon C. Wallgren stepped up to oppose resettlement. The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported on January 23rd, 1945 that he “declared emphatically that he is unalterable opposed to the return of any Japanese to the Pacific Coast states for the duration of the war.” Governor Wallgren frequently accused Japanese and Japanese-Americans of disloyalty, but never provided evidence to his claims. The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported a month earlier that the Army believed that “there was no longer any question of military security, and that loyal persons of Japanese descent would be permitted, if they so desired, to return to their former homes.” When the Japanese and Japanese-Americans had been given the official word that they were able to return, the Governor was reportedly “visibly perturbed.” Anticipating his opponents’ criticism, the Governor, according to the Seattle PI, said “His objections to return of the Japanese had nothing to do with racial or economic matters. He reiterated several times that they were based purely on militaryconsiderations.”[27]


What can the public do when their rights have been violated and the very people who are supposed to protect you are part of the problem?

I am running for office; joint problem solving for the greater good of everyone and

Washington State!

In my opinion, Washington’s tax dollar spending is severely impacting our economic growth and tax payers want to feel good about all the good their tax dollars are doing. I have first hand knowledge of wasted tax money. Fortunately, my unfortunate experiences qualifies me for a legislative role so I can address the corruption that my present representatives FAIL to address and even deliberately ignore DESPITE their obligation to ”protect individual rights.”

As your State Representative, I will fight for reforms our state needs to have in our competitive 21st century economy. We need to train our workforce for the 21st century, preparing them with higher education to get them prepared to contribute to society. As your representative I will be very receptive to the concerns of the public with tax payer’s money. I may need to conduct more research on some issues and consider the public but I am someone true and whose track record reveals I the courage to fight for the protection of human the rights.i am not a career politician. 

We need to bring back public trust into our medical, judicial and social services with more accountability.There needs to be further education and training in what is child abuse/neglect and what is not; what is Pediatric Falsification Disorder (Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) and what is not, that DSHS CPS workers, CASA, GALs, Physicians, Nurses, etc need.

We need to bring back public trust into our law enforcement, the public needs to see, and it is the duty of police to protect the public. i am in favor of a police officer body camera  that can show police doing good to help bring public trust. Body cameras are our checks and balance system. Video stored in an independent agency that can have control of the video and does not have to report to.

Lawyers invade all branches of government. Lawyers should not hold office in either the  legislative or executive branch of Washington’s government because they  are members of a state judicial agency, WSBA ( Washington State Bar Association ), and regulated by the WA State Supreme Court. Lawyers are selling out citizens and giving away our rights  by their grip on WA’S government.

I will listen to my community and fight to protect my community. I care about Washington State. Misuse of tax dollars is an abuse to tax payers and that hurts everyone. Our economy could provide more jobs by offering tax incentives to bring new businesses but not lose our current businesses, low interest loans for jobs, incentives for hiring more homeless and assist them to expand their business in other counties if they can’t expand any more in our county.

I am in favor for increasing minimum wage because keeping minimum wage lower is not enough money for anyone to pay for food, gas and shelter so eventually everyone is not going to be able to go to work although they possibly could it is likely they wouldn’t. We must strengthen our economy, eliminating misuse of tax dollars, creating more jobs, provide food, shelters and other essential services to those in need and continue investments in evidenced based policing.


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