Anne Giroux‎ to Human Rights Campaign

A friend took a picture of me with my new friends from WA DC when I was an ambassador at the Seattle Human Rights Campaign for the Pacific Northwest Gala Dinner and Silent Auction. (2011? event, one year prior to my son’s heart attack on May 21, 2012)

 I don’t think a person needs to have a degree in college or politics to assume the role of a state representative as defined. An Attorney in office cannot truly represent or protect the public on judicial matters because it is a conflict of interest as he sits on the same agency WSBA. My case demonstrated this and is one example why it is important for someone to assume the duties as a state representative not on the sole basis of knowledge or experience, but on the basis that the position will be taken seriously by performing the duty to listen to the public and protect individuals rights. With all due respect, the question is what level of knowledge and or experience does a person have to have to just do that?

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 Thank you all for your support! May the highest good come!




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