You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else. Winston Churchill

Dear All,
My teenage son was medically kidnapped after doctors blamed me for medical errors by falsely accusing me with Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Then an ex family member with a history of domestic violence was allowed to use hearsay in family courts and to take advantage of an already unfortunate situation with unfounded CPS allegations by filing for custody and a lawsuit against me with no evidence of an adequate cause. Imagine that you are falsely accused and your child is taken from you and given to an ex family member with a long history of domestic violence recognized by the same family courts in previous years that are now telling you its all in your head.The ramifications of a false accusation of MSBP hurts and it involves great financial and emotional distress; in other words, it ruins lives!


False allegations create issues related to the economy and state budget. Judicial, medical, & CPS DSHS misuse of tax dollars causes financial ruin such as unemployment, bankruptcy, & homelessness. This is not a case of Munchausen by proxy syndrome, mental illness, or parental deficiencies. After my divorce from an abusive marriage in 2006, my children and I were subjected to years of expensive litigation and harassment in 2008 and 2012 because family courts allowed an abuser to use family law courts to continue by filing motions for modifications and lawsuits against me. I am the first person accused of MSBP in Tacoma, WA that has gone as far as I have and all alone in the pursuit of justice by filing my own civil rights complaint at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.


Sadly, my valid attempt to exercise my civic duty in the pursuit of justice was restricted and restrained from due process because of discrimination towards pro se, which was evident by the fact that the court complained that it was not written in a way an attorney would write it. Courts at all levels in Tacoma, WA involve a high percentage of corruption and that is concerning especially since at the same time a surge of citizens have become unemployed and homeless.


So now I am running for office as a way to turn all of that into something that can help my community. I believe that all human rights are inherent rights not dependent upon the civil laws of any country; they are self-evident truths. DSHS CPS workers, CASA, GALs, Physicians, and Nurses need further education and training in what is child abuse/neglect and what is not; what is Pediatric Falsification Disorder (Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy) and what is not. There needs to be an independent agency outside of Washington to conduct a thorough investigation and audit on our economy and state budget to eliminate misuse and create economic growth. Judicial, Medical, & CPS DSHS misuse of tax dollars causes financial ruin; unemployment, bankruptcy, & homelessness. All persons should be held accountable for knowingly making false allegations and the involvement of any misuse of tax dollars. Safety is paramount and corruption hurts everyone. I am a single Japanese American mother, doing everything I can, and I am doing the RIGHT thing!
Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist 28, Position  1