TCC Magazine – Tacoma Community College 2008

There is too much trust given to medical authorities and countless children are victimized by medical authorities that knowingly make false allegations in an attempt to evade accountability for medical errors, to evade auditors, to evade outside investigations and to cover up a practice of medicine that is an abuse in silence. The system as can obliterate families and children simply because it has the power to do so and that is concerning. I am making a valid attempt on taking responsibility for the negative experiences by sharing information for purpose of awareness and the need for people to want to care enough to simply want to create better laws, guidelines and other improvements for public safety.

There is a need for public to have knowledge, to become more involved in the interest of public safety, to expose the truth about judicial and medical abuse of power that ultimately harms everyone directly or indirectly. There is an immediate need for more public efforts to expose crimes by public servants. In many cases find and expose the lawyers who mislead vulnerable people to commit crimes and doctors who knowingly falsely accuse and cause harm. Remember they “attorneys” and “doctors” profit in many ways, so expose the collective groups profit. My experience with CPS has caused me to become aware of the need for CPS/Family Law Reform. Corruption hurts everyone. Safety is paramount!


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