This is a national press release : Munchausen Mom or Fox Guarding the Hen House? By Dean Tong December 2, 2013

Washington Mom Ordered to Jail for Alleged
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy


Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. But, in the case of the State of Washington Department of Social and Health Systems and an ex-husband and family court system versus Anne Setsuko Giroux, exactly what is the truth? The sordid details in this case started in a children’s hospital in Seattle, Washington and metastasized like cancer to the DSHS (Child Protective Services) and then to a vindictive ex-husband and naive family court system. Anne Giroux, an attractive and articulate Japanese-American woman, 44, is now court ordered to report to jail in Pierce County, Tacoma, Washington in the next 55 hours at 4:00 p.m. PST on Wednesday December 4. This surreal case does not lack for twists and turns. Let’s consider the following facts:

Anne’s now 17 year-old son started having recurrent chest pains in 2009 up until the time Seattle Children’s Hospital and referral specialists saw him in 2011

An initial echocardiogram and EKG and treadmill in March 2011 of Anne’s now 17 year-old son (he was 14+ at time) was absolutely normal as physicians wrote “The coronary ostia appear to arise in their normal location. I do not feel that his episodes of chest pain are related to a cardiac etiology.”

Fast forward 14 months to May 2012 as the boy’s symptoms (fatigue, sweating, chest pains, et al) continued and he was admitted to MaryBridge Children’s Hospital and a follow-up echocardiogram and CT angiogram revealed a congenital heart condition, specifically a dominant right coronary arterial system. Moreover, the boy actually had a Myocardial Infarction or heart attack during this timeframe. A cardiac surgeon at Seattle Children’s Hospital upon follow-up consultation recommended re-implantation of his coronary artery vis a vis open heart surgery to repair the coronary arterial anomaly and this was performed July 3, 2012. It appears this is a rare cardiac condition and a rarer surgery and it’s unknown if Seattle Children’s Hospital and the lead surgeon ever performed this surgery before.

Post-op, the boy developed consistent pleural effusions, pericarditis along with an SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia)episode and pneumonia

Clearly, Anne Giroux was a protective, doting and concerned mother who inquired ad nauseum of the 15 – 20 physicians and 3 or 4 facilities who saw her son, medically speaking. But Anne Giroux did not expert or doctor shop her son. While she and her son made many emergency visits to medical providers they were all medically necessary. The child’s signs and symptoms did NOT abate out of her presence

Yet in November 2012, after several physicians became frustrated with Anne Giroux alleging she acted against their medical management regimen for her son and even one accused her of “Persistent Maternal Anxiety,” same doctors reported her to DSHS (Child Protective Services) for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy aka Pediatric Condition Falsification. Ironically, another physician wrote in her son’s chart “The family remains quite anxious and is interested in close follow-up, which is appropriate.”
The 17 year-old boy and his younger sister were removed from mother’s care and placed in protective custody for a few weeks in late 2012.

At the same time, their father and Anne’s estranged husband, filed a Petition for Modification of Final Judgment back from 2008/2009, trying to alter the custody arrangement of the children

Anne saw a psychologist and completed in-part a mental health evaluation which included psychological testing. Ironically, there’s a psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner who has cleared her of any mental health aberrations

DSHS went after Anne in Juvenile-Dependency Court and shortly thereafter bowed out

DSHS placed Anne’s name in their Central Child Abuse Registry statewide database

Three separate family court judges and commissioners in Pierce County Family Court Tacoma, Washington have now ordered Anne to complete a mental health evaluation, but she refused to do so and was subsequent thereto held in contempt of court

As a result of Anne’s “contempt of court order,” she is now ordered to be incarcerated on Wednesday December 4, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. PST. Interestingly, who will now care for her incredibly medically challenged 17 year-old son while Anne is in jail?

Anne is not only losing her freedom. As she became unemployed, she was forced to represent herself in court and a judge has now issued a moratorium against her so she cannot litigate anymore, pro se. Because she needs competent legal representation and the kids need their mother an Anne Giroux Defense Fund has been created at Chase Bank for Anne S. Giroux University Place, Washington. Moreover, an online account has been set up for Anne, also. This writer is a consulting expert on Anne’s case and is helping her pro bono.

Munchausen Mom or Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Dean Tong is an American author, public speaker, consultant,[5] and trial expert in the field of false child abuse allegations.[2][3] He has consulted for the media on high-profile cases such as that of Elian Gonzalez,[6] JonBenét Ramsey, and Michael Jackson.[7] He is the author of three books inspired by his personal experience with being falsely accused of child abuse in 1985.[1] In addition to testifying as an expert witness,[8] he has appeared on numerous radio talk shows and television speaking on the topic of false abuse accusations. He has also been quoted by numerous publications on the topic including by the Chicago Defender,[9] The Virginian-Pilot,[10] The Boston Globe,[6] and The Denver Post.[11]

Foster Parents Legal Solutions (FPLS)


Washington State Code of Judicial Conduct Table of Canons

Canon 1 A Judge Shall Uphold and Promote the Independence, Integrity, and Impartiality of the Judiciary, and Shall Avoid Impropriety and the Appearance of Impropriety

Canon 2 A Judge Should Perform the Duties of Judicial Office Impartially, Competently, and Diligently

Canon 3 A Judge Shall Conduct the Judge’s Personal and Extrajudicial Activities to Minimize the Risk of Conflict with the Obligations of Judicial Office

Canon 4 A Judge or Candidate for Judicial Office Shall not Engage in Political or Campaign Activity that is Inconsistent with the Independence, Integrity, or Impartiality of the Judiciary


It is difficult to understand why a criminal can have a conviction which is spent however a mother or care giver who is accused falsely and proven to be innocent cannot get data removed.Countess Mar the House of Lords certainly agrees with this.

Lords Hansard text for 17 Oct 2001 (211017-06)Lords Hansard text for 17 Oct 2001 (211017-06)

“Even when accusations of child abuse against a parent or parents have subsequently been withdrawn, often after prolonged and costly legal action, the stigma of being branded a child abuser by the local authority remains with the parents. Once a social services referral is placed on their Samson database, the details remain for ever, no matter what the outcome of later inquiries. The referral becomes common knowledge in the local community. Those who work with children, either as carers or teachers, are refused employment and those who have been active in the community or in voluntary work find   that they are no longer required, especially if children or young people are involved.”

Doctors call for ‘Munchausen’ blacklist

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