CPS and Judicial Reforms 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read a few of my recommendations for improvements in the system and or changes in the rules governing court procedures. Thank you for your compassion and showing concern for the valuable children of WA State to keep them safe from abuse.

I am aware some of these may be issues that only a law could change. I shared my recent experiences and recommendations to many legislators including my local legislatures from 2012-2015. My attempts to get any help at the Pierce County Level and across Washington State has failed. I have exhausted all my finances and had to file bankruptcy as result of the court. And, the loss of Electric power, anytime. How can anyone simply move on and completely heal from trauma if the traumatic effects caused from medical,judicial, domestic violence or CPS DSHS misconduct and abuse fail to end?

My health and my son’s health cannot continue to endure such abuse nor could any other person. I filed a complaint against the police officer who snapped the ligaments in my wrist and to the judicial commission for the misconduct by Judges and lawyers. I have also reached out to the Attorney General’s office, Humanitarian Agencies, the Governor,and many others ended without any help. In my opinion, the children of Washington State need better protection and legal availability paid for by the Federal and State Levels.

Every one is at risk to experience the same as my family. There is too much trust given to medical authorities and countless women and children are victimized by medical authorities that knowingly make false allegations in an attempt to evade accountability for medical errors, to evade auditors, to evade outside investigations and to cover up a practice of medicine that is an abuse in silence.

I would like to see more accountability of the courts, Judges, Commissioner’s and lawyers to obey the laws. Prosecute the abuser, corrupt judges and prison. I am going to also share recommendations on issues with CPS DSHS. I wrote out a few recommendations as the highest priority.

There is a need for public to have knowledge, to become more involved in the interest of public safety, to expose the truth about judicial and medical abuse of power that ultimately harms everyone directly or indirectly.

There is an immediate need for more public efforts to expose crimes by public servants. In many cases find and expose the lawyers who mislead vulnerable people to commit crimes and doctors who knowingly falsely accuse and cause harm. Remember they “attorneys” and “doctors” profit in many ways, so expose the collective groups profit. Remember profit comes in many forms, such as political power and or non-profits.Simply follow the money, expose the crimes for public safety, at least for the sake of every child’s right to simply be safe from harm wouldn’t anyone agree? Everyone is worthy, honest accountability is ultimately what truly protects everyone and worth much more for the greater good of us all directly and or indirectly.  


  1. To investigate all claims


1.  a) A thorough investigation of allegations, proof of income with thorough

background check of income and assets. No financial ruin of any party.


  1. b) Thorough background checks including criminal. Thorough review of

all arrests, protection order violations, petitions, mental health evaluation while

incarcerated and report from any previous or current probation officer assigned

by the courts.


  1. c) Any litigation filed by any persons who has a court history of domestic

violence with the courts such as previous filings of domestic violence

petition of a protection order, restraining order, violations of a

protection / restraining order, incarcerations, should be carefully

evaluated for retaliatory behaviors or legal abuse. If it is founded any

allegations used as adequate cause to be false should be considered as

criminal and not allowed to repeat frivolous filing with the same



  1. d) In matters of family law and when matters of juvenile dependency or

cps/ dshs issues involved previous or current the courts should not rely

on the basis of what the DAC , GAL or anyone says and should direct

for the production of all relevant case files, juvenile dependency court

records, incarcerations and probations.


  1. e) New information that offsets any circumstantial evidence should never

be denied by the courts to take judicial notice.


  1. f) Careful investigation needs to be done to determine if one parent was

screwed out of their rights to parent is done intentionally (with the

advice of attorneys – nasty tactics to set the other parent up, usually done

prior to any court filing so you never see it coming). So the other party

does this intentionally with malice of forethought, in multifarious (sp)

ways, usually because of money. The winning party does not have to pay

child support, and conceivably the defendant might have to.


  1. g) No Judge or Commissioner should ever refuse a voice of a child from

being heard regardless as a witness, verbal or in writing at age 13 above

(while people may not think it looks good if children are in positions of

having to report abuse the question is does it look good if a child is

abused or dies as a result of not being allowed to of been heard? Just

like divorce it is ideal for children to have both parents and not have to

have a divorce but the children that can go past the pain of the loss of a

family unit – a divorce- then in their safe environment they have an

opportunity in life to thrive and break the cycle of domestic violence

versus the families that stay together thinking it is in the best interest of

the children to have both parents equally despite allegations of abuse

what typically happens is the child’s life is destroyed, ruined, they

either continue to grow up being abused, killed, because they were in an

unsafe environment. ) Safety is paramount.


  1. To hold accountable, punish, indict, suspend or prosecute


  1. a) Judges/ Commissioner’s/Lawyers/GAL-Guardian ad litem/ plaintiff or

defendant held accountable for their actions.


  1. b) A Judicial Commission board and a Lawyer Grievance that overlooks

Judges, Commissioners, and Lawyers that are not practicing attorneys

from that area.


  1. c) Department Assigned Counsel ( DAC) should never allow a case,

defendant or client to be put in place without objection and placing

doomed to fail on its face, fail to take obvious and necessary action to

ameliorate the situation, to interpose obvious objections to jurisdiction.


d) When a DAC, defendant or plaintiff attorney fails to communicate to

the opposing counsel in any relation to important aspects of the case,

make important strategic decisions as well as critical omissions and

breach of their legal duties standard of care the defendants or plaintiff

suffer harm; situations that involve children with special needs or

children that are medically fragile should be considered and time

allowed for a scheduling of incarceration for purpose of these matters

to be attended but also avoided if necessary in regards to incarceration.


  1. e) Anything a GAL files with the court should be filed in a timely manner

and a copy given to both parties.


  1. f) An attorney representing a client in a juvenile dependency action where

the client was not the accused parent should not be allowed to file in a

family law court by the same attorney same client however in a reverse

role as a plaintiff in this case the plaintiff should seek another attorney


  1. Acts by individuals, officials, agencies, contractual assigns

 courts, officials, bureaucrats and contractors (including police

 and security people)


  1. a) Public Transparency for the voters without forcing the voters to give

their names or any other personal information or any intimidations to



  1. a) 2-3 year plaintiff and defendant surveys of court experience or

Recommendations; in the beginning provide each person with a free

internet capability to log onto a survey site for purpose of registration at

time of filings of litigations and at the end of case. Inform all court

employees that this will be done and their performances may be

revealed. Compare the perspectives from the plaintiff and defendant in

the next 2-3 years in comparison to what is filed with the courts while

doing a careful audit that not only considers court records but the

people’s too. Compare in the previous years to see if such a method

was helpful on keeping complaints down or if it was helpful for moving



  1. b) When a GAL is appointed to interview children it would be an ideal

setting in a counselors office if children were in counseling because it

is an uncomfortable situation for children and a perspective from an

attorney may not be the same as the counselor and they should both be

considered by the Judge and or Commissioner and the children’s

school counselors should have input and given to the Judge, this allows

the Judge and or Commissioner to have a more thorough report rather

than making a decision on the basis of whatever a GAL says. Allow

children 13 years and older to also participate in the 2-3 year audit

including the children’s perspectives also allow the children 13 years

and older to submit a questionnaire to a GAL if they are not

comfortable with speaking to a stranger – GAL –and determine if this

can be a productive positive experience for everyone involved.


  1. c) Bail Money Paid should never be awarded to the person who filed the

litigations or brought an order of contempt furthermore no bail money

should ever be used for the purpose to pay any attorney fees for

litigation’s filed.


  1. e) Create high commission representatives to arrange meetings with

senators of the Democratic and Republican government of the United

States parties to extend to documents signed by the high commission to

create consistent new laws to regulate the Courts of the Family for their

systems granted custody of the children to the abuser father, and that

this change is only granted custody to the mothers of these children.


  1. Grant the victims of any abuses of process: emergency

 relief without undue delay, and fast-track requests


  1. a) Children granted the option to be heard in court just as they do in

juvenile court DSHS/ CPS.


  1. b) If Plaintiff and plaintiff attorney file contempt with court appointed

attorneys for defendant then plaintiff should not be awarded money to

pay plaintiff attorney / court fees from the defendant that is found

indigent by the courts and if any decision for some reasons is made to

award money it should be reserved until time of trial.


  1. c) Any allegations or findings made and in review or appeal should not be

allowed to be entered into another case as adequate cause.


  1. d) If a CPS/ DSHS case is dismissed and a family law case is filed or

previously filed then the courts should have the reports of the CPS

DSHS GAL and or Childs attorney if done within 3 months to avoid

placing children in a position to have to retell their experiences of abuse

unless the children are wanting to speak to family law court appointed

GAL anyways this could also help decrease the cost but once again any

counselor reports private or school should be evaluated


  1. e) If a child is 13 years and older they should be given the opportunity to

bypass altogether any GAL interview if they choose for the purpose of

having an interview either in open court as in juvenile courts and or in

private chambers with the Judge or commissioner


  1. Violations should make such pardons and reprieves

 imperative and immediate.


a) The ultimate desecration of the Judge has to go. This is why my children

are silenced. Gag orders, moratorium, No Secret Silence Courts….


  1. b) When the Juvenile Dependency Court made obvious errors in law

defendant made the conscious decision not to follow the orders that were

presented to the courts by a former domestic violence founded abuser

using hearsay allegations he had no real knowledge of and an

incompetent DAC.


Suggested Recommendations


  1. Activate change immediately. Every day that passes means more families

and children are subject to being held against their will just like hostages.


  1. Call for an independent audit of the Department of Family and Children’s

Services (DFCS) to expose corruption and fraud. And implement CPS/Family

Law Reform.


3. Addressing the Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy ( MSBP ) or factitious illness by proxy

diagnosis that is the core of many problems with CPS and Family Law. Uphold the good

faith immunity laws by a mandate for all physicians to use good faith, or legal penalties,

sanctions, or criminal charges can be filed.


A physician must always thoroughly look in a patients chart for explanation or

understanding to the real issues at hand and have their superiors authorize

allegations after careful review of patient chart. This can protect children and

health care organizations. It is abusive and negligent for a physician that to hide

behind MSBP accusation of a patients, after medical errors and to evade lawsuits

or auditors. It is already a crime to knowingly make false allegations.


  1. End the financial incentives that separate families.


  1. Grant to parents and children their rights in writing.


  1. Mandate a search for family members to be given the opportunity to adopt

their own relatives.


  1. Mandate a jury trial where every piece of evidence is presented before

removing a child from his or her parents.


  1. Require a warrant or a positive emergency circumstance before removing

children from their parents. (Judge Arthur G. Christean, Utah Bar Journal,

January, 1997 reported that “except in emergency circumstances, including the

need for immediate medical care, require warrants upon affidavits of probable

cause before entry upon private property is permitted for the forcible removal of

children from their parents.”)


  1. Uphold the laws when someone fabricates or presents false evidence. If a

parent alleges fraud, hold a hearing with the right to discovery of all evidence.


  1. Addressing the MSBP or factitious illness by proxy diagnosis that is the core

of many problems with CPS and Family Law.


11.Uphold the laws and constitution to grant parents the right to an

opportunity to obtain a second medical opinion as this is labeled ‘doctor

shopping’, part of the MSBP child abuse profile, it is just ethically right.

Yet, it is one of the most common rights being violated by physicians,

CPS, and Family Law.


As a mother who has just experienced a series of medically necessary labs,

tests, and procedures for my son whose congenital heart condition was not

founded until after he suffered a heart attack at school, there is just a natural

response of anxiety that can result for a child and family.


It does not mean anybody is doing anything wrong. And caring for a child or

questioning doctors on the care for a child should never be confused or

accused as MSBP and it should be recognized as an expected response from

any parent or child.


The legitimacy of the MSBP theory is now undergoing intense scrutiny

worldwide even more so because of the CPS involvements. The MSBP

profile used by doctors contains paradoxes that make it even more difficult,

almost impossible, for any mother to prove their innocence. For example,

being an over-protective parent can be a MSBP profile, but so is being a

negligent parent. CPS or Child Protection Services often take the view that a mother

must be guilty and failed to undertake appropriate investigations.


MSBP should never be a basis for family law. Evidence involving the label or

profile of MSBP has been rejected by Australian courts and should be by every

court.  For example, the Queensland Court of Appeal (R v LM [2004] QCA 192),

ruled it prejudicial and inadmissible. The South Australian Supreme Court (S4118, 1993)

ruled that, although a pediatrician, Professor David Southall’s MSBP testimony

could only be regarded as a lay person’s opinion. The Queensland Court of

Appeal (R v LM [2004] QCA 192), in a unanimous judgment, stated MSBP

(or factitious disorder by proxy) was not a recognized psychiatric disorder or

mental illness in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and

Statistical Manual (DSM IV). The court went on to say that MSBP had no

agreed sets of symptoms or signs that allowed it to be classified into a

recognized psychiatric diagnostic system, it was not a recognized medical

condition, disorder or syndrome, and the court excluded evidence from a

psychiatrist as “extremely prejudicial”. Justice Holmes noted that the MSBP

argument was inherently circular and did nothing to prove criminal conduct.


The Australian Capital Territory’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Richard

Refshauge, said the QCA decision on MSBP made “clear that if a woman is

to be prosecuted for harming her children, it is not enough to put a label on

it; facts are required to justify the case”. “By labeling the woman in this way

with MSBP or factitious illness by proxy you are saying the woman is

guilty, as the label creates the guilt. People are not convicted for having a

syndrome or a particular behavior; they are convicted for the illegal acts that they do.”

The heart of the problem is hearsay or feelings are the alleged evidence that is being

allowed in CPS and Family Law Courts and would be inadmissible in criminal matters.

I think the courts should aim at what has happened and not a label and that is not what is

happening in our family law hearing as result of wrongful allegations of MSBP by CPS.

I feel this is allowing harm to the child, child’s family, physicians, and the health care

organizations affected by the unregulated MSBP or factitious illness by proxy and with no

legal penalties, or sanctions as an incentive to follow the good faith immunity laws.

All unfounded MSBP abuse allegations should be extracted from state and national

databases. No person accused of MSBP should ever be entered in a database when a citizen

has the right to appeal any claims of a finding within 30 days.The appeal process should be

complete within 30 days however I think people should be granted 60 days to file an

appeal and an appeal should be complete within 60 days and only after that appeal should

such a decision for entering information into a national database be made.

I am doing the best I can to do everything I can and in my candidacy.

I want to take responsibility of my unfortunate experiences and turn all of that into something that can help my community, wouldn’t you do the same ?

May the highest good come! 

“The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity.” Frank Serpico