Thank you Washington Community Action Network

Thank you again for my first invitation to a candidate public forum. It is unfortunate that the people did not get to see my true ability because my first experience on speaking in a public forum was conditioned by fear and a self-esteem challenge associated with being falsely accused, stigmatized, and traumatized. It was a wonderful experience that forced me to channel into empowering energy, especially after I heard the voices of my community. I was inspired and I care very much! Here is my campaign website if anyone is interested.

Thank You for your email invitation.

Your invitation was received and it was a pleasure to meet you and many others at the public forum last night. I am thankful for the opportunity to hear the voices of my community because I care and want to protect their rights. The stories shared last night have only strengthened my desire to run for office because I believe it is truly the only way real change can happen. I have the courage to not give up and not be bought. I believe state lawmakers can immediately address public safety issues in their obligation to protect individual rights by eliminating the 11% pay raise lawmakers gave themselves last year and giving back to our community what was wrongfully taken. Public safety is paramount!

I support universal access to family planning and insurance companies should provide complete coverage for everyone, and oppose any law regulating or restricting a woman’s constitutional right to choose abortion, protected by Roe v. Wade, and which should not be restricted by anyone or by ability to pay. I support restorative justice and affirm legislation should focus on protecting victims of a crime responsibly and not insulting a victim’s injury by creating unreasonable financial demands for a victim to pay for that crime. Better efforts to de-stigmatize victims and issues surrounding is important. I support implementation of universal access to medical care for all victims of crime and no person denied by ability to pay. I support investigations and prosecutions of any white collar or health care system that would break this law designed to better protect everyone. I affirm cutting the medical costs for victims of crime.

Please give my thanks to Willie and let him know I am inspired by his testimony, questions, and his willingness to contribute to society despite his personal experiences is a great example for everyone why the importance to bring back the parole board is great. Focusing on community (human, society) and economic growth is key to alleviating social conditions that contribute to crime and economy.

Again Thanks for your invitation.

2016 Legislative Candidate

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

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