It is better to set the example!

Washington lawmakers and other state officials gave themselves an 11% pay raise.
The salary commission also increased pay for the governor, judges, chief justice of the state Supreme Court, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer, and auditor.


Greetings to everyone,

Prayers and or positive comments are welcomed and appreciated. I was invited to The News Tribune office yesterday for a group interview that included Mari Leavitt, myself, and incumbent Dick Muri  with the TNT editorial board. They will use that time to inform their endorsements for the election season ahead.

They have informed me that they have many candidate interviews to schedule, and that it may be the only opportunity I have to tell them about my candidacy and to submit any documents that I wanted. Since I was limited on telling them about my candidacy because I was only allowed to speak for 1-2 minutes, by the way this was also my first candidacy group interview, I decided to submit documents of judicial misconduct. Please keep the editorial board in your prayers and positive thoughts today because their decisions could   generate good far and wide. May the highest good come! Thank you all very much.

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

My after thoughts to questions asked. Public transportation should be given funds back that was cut. I have first hand knowledge as a bus rider for the last year and a half that the bus is so over crowded that many people are left standing at the bus stop and told to wait for the next bus. Seniors and handicap rates increased and they are some of the people bypassed at the bus stop when the bus is over crowded. I was riding the bus to just go to work. How could any lawmaker make the decision to give themselves an 11% pay raise in 2014 when there is an economic decline? I believe lawmakers have a responsibility first to deal with criminal justice and public safety and their decisions can alleviate social conditions that contribute to it by responding in a constitutional manner that respects the rights of all people and fulfilling their obligations to “protect individual rights.” In 2014, public transportation and police cuts were made. I am not in favor of increasing any taxes and if any tax increases had to be made, then I would support tax importation of garbage. Waste management pays 1.00 per ton to county tax and tax has not increased but the garbage bill has. Taxes can be put on a ballot or not; my point is to increase tax on any taxes that have not had a tax increase in a long time. It was one of the questions I was asked and originally opposed. I believe pay raise cost of living should be fair and in favor for minimum wage increased. Interestingly, not everyone is in favor of the same. I am not in favor of funding programs that are a misuse of tax dollars and the funding should be  eliminated because it is not economically justifiable. In terms of countless families experiencing financial ruin and homelessness by no fault of their own, but as direct result from corruption allowed to run rampant in our CPS, DSHS, and family courts is just not economically justifiable. CPS, DSHS, and family courts order families to seek mental health services and even go as far as placing a fraudulent label on a person just so the insurance will pay or the actions taken by CPS and judicial beings are justified. I am speaking by personal experience on how corruption can take advantage of everyone and misuse tax dollars. I have a document from an ambulance company that says my son had no choice but to ride in an ambulance, and although no imminent harm was noted by police or paramedics, each were bullied by a local doctor to use their services paid by tax payers to escort my son to them, and CPS was not even involved until the next day. I am telling every board person that interviews me about my story and the importance for an audit and reform. I may not get elected or endorsed and I certainly have no money for advertisement, but I have won on getting my message out. I am in favor to keep my community safe and economically viable and expect all lawmakers to champion these human rights for everyone. State Representatives do not require any formal education. Anyone can learn how to perform the job duties, but not everyone has the courage to fulfill their obligations to “protect individual rights,” although it is their duty, the results of our economic decline proves my point. I am not a career politician wanting to continue making payments on my expensive car, home, or wanting to go on fancy vacations as a result of tax money. If I were elected, I can promise you I would never abandon my community. I am honest and forthcoming and would fight for my community because I am the community; I can relate to so many people and I could never sweep any person under the rug, including my beautiful home state of Washington. All I want is to bring our public trust back and our economy because present lawmakers are not. You be the judge!

“Washington State RICO against Japanese American w a medically fragile child.” It is evident, there is one big legal problem and it is RICO which exists as a result of one issue of human beings with a lack of ethics that have wrongfully blamed my family of errors doctors made. Then, the doctors involved CPS, DSHS, and family law courts. DSHS placed my name in their Central Child Abuse Registry statewide database and have not extracted my name from their database, although they have redacted their own findings from founded to unfounded. I have not only lost my freedom, but I have become jobless, penniless, carless, and soon to become homeless as a result of doctors who knowingly made false allegations and public officials who knowingly block my ability to have betterment. I simply want to move on with my life and am not asking for a handout, but asking that I not be restricted from my human rights. I am fighting to get my life back. I am fighting for all of us! So many mothers, children, and families in WA State suffered by no fault of their own, but as a direct result of lawmakers’ neglect to the public and the true duties of the role of a State Representative and Senator. There is not a lot of turnover in government and that is how corruption can continue. Question is what will the voters do?  You are the judge!

Are the police and paramedics forced to act as ESCORT SERVICES because doctors say so and do so without any considerations to expenses paid by voters and how their errors are causing financial ruin to countless families and that does not help our already declining economy?
More accountability is necessary for the families and our economy in Washington to prosper. Can we keep it real? Can we for kids sake?
My son was taken by doctors on November 14, 2012 and placed into CPS custody on November 16, 2012 which means that tax payers paid the local police and paramedics for doctors to misuse their power and use police and paramedics as their escorts.
I have given this evidence to my local lawmaker and was ignored despite district 28 cut backs on police. I am running for office because somebody has to do something! I want to help my community. I have first hand knowledge on how and where urgent improvements are needed. Safety is paramount, right? Remember, you are the judge!


WA STATE MOM ACCUSED OF MSBP suddenly DIED surgery related 2012

Allison D. Gaffen