Families in WA State MATTER!

 The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. Frank Serpico

Dear all,

Restitution for Tax Payers – (Fraud Victims) Voters beware, it is your civic duty to vote responsibly. Your vote can initiate the opportunity for compensation to be given back to the public and our state. Your rights are yours. The lawmakers gave themselves an 11 percent raise in 2014 when they should have set the example of promoting economic growth and not the decline. I cannot be bought and I have the courage to stand up for human rights. Your vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised for breaking down injustice. What will you do?

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963

US black civil rights leader & clergyman (1929 – 1968)

Will you vote for a fox guarding a hen house and conflicts of interest? ( attorneys, wyca, judges, or former judges, etc.)
Or will you vote for someone who is restricted from fulfilling their obligations or lacks the courage in their duties to protect individual rights?
Far from it, an investigation of wrongdoing judges can end up incriminating those representatives who made them judges, for at the very least the representatives knew about the judicial candidates’ wrongdoings and willingness to ‘play the game,’ but nevertheless vouched for their honesty and made them judges (jur:77§§5-6). Likewise, the judges know about the wrongdoing of the representatives and will constantly remind them, “If you take me down, I’ll bring you with me!” See more about judicial discipline reformat :
I am someone that is loyal and true. I am not a career politician. I believe in equality; lawmakers who gave themselves an 11% pay raise demonstrated an inequality for employment opportunities for so many people who are unemployed and simply want a job, food, or home. I cannot conceive how any civilized and rational person could ever consider inequality justifiable, could you? I think outside the box and it is why I have prevailed from many unfortunate experiences. I want to at least do everything I can to bring back our economy and public trust. I may lose the election, but I have won by electing myself to exercise my civic duty to its fullest maximum in the fight against corruption in WA State and for greater good. My personal experiences of injustice (corruption) has caused me to become aware of the existence of corruption in my community and the importance for better laws to prevent this. I naturally want to assume my responsibility and turn my negative experiences into something positive for the community and that is always a good thing for everyone.
Learn more: Only a lawmaker can impeach a judge. Only a lawmaker that does not sit on the same judicial branch such as WSBA can fulfill their obligations to protect individual rights. Any person in office that assumed office is fully aware and is not forthcoming to the public. Doesn’t honesty, ethics, and integrity matter?
TAX PAYERS PAID a lot of money on my family law case that never had evidence for an adequate cause other than CPS says so (hearsay) was allowed on the basis that a domestic violence abuser took another opportunity to misuse the courts by presenting third party hearsay cps allegations that were on appeal as adequate cause. TAX PAYERS PAID the APPELLATE COURTS and PAID THE SUPREME COURT after both courts quickly volunteered to ORDER ALL DOCUMENTS FOR REVIEW courtesy of TAX PAYERS’ MONEY although my case never had any proof of adequate cause other than cps said so. If family courts could have waited for the results of my cps appeal then a lot of money could have been spared from waste. I won my appeal on my own without involving any attorney or cost to the public. I just provided evidence that could not be denied. I am forthcoming, intelligent, and honest. Remember all of these fraudulent actions spiraled from doctors who made medical errors and knowingly falsely accused me and knowingly involved cps, police, paramedics, judicial, and every tax payer in the community to pay the price. Doesn’t anyone agree that doctors, cps, and family law need to have more accountability? This is an example of what can happen when there is not a lot of turnover in government or state positions. Public needs to demand a state wide audit on how money is being spent that is given to mental health and cps.
My question is why does everyone overlook the obvious? How can a lack of any evidence for adequate cause been allowed to even have litigations tax payers had to pay for and go as far as inflicting harm in the form of gas lights, threats, locked in a secret court and order police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, and even involve appellate courts and supreme courts. WOW! PUBLIC SHOULD BE CONCERNED because my story is a great example of corruption, how far and wide, and happening everyday in the heart of our own cities. Countless families are torn apart and experience financial ruin by no fault of their own. It is time to give back to our community. It is time to honor our community and conduct a CPS and Family Law audit and reform 2016. Lets bring back a more friendly CPS and family law court. Lets bring back public trust. Lets promote economic growth. Lets stop the insanity of doing the same things over and over because it is evident that more families are unemployed and homeless. Lets stop sweeping reality under the rug. Families in WA State MATTER!
There was never any adequate cause in my case!!
clearly reveals a plethora of ABUSE OF POWER,LEGAL ABUSE AND MISUSE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. My story is an example how our families and state can suffer from financial ruin. What has happened is what can happen again especially when there is a lack of accountability. You cannot prevent or manage what you do not acknowledge, Corruption is running rampant in the heart of our democracy in WA State. Denial is corruption. .
~ DSHS accused Ms. Giroux of Munchausen”s by Proxy Syndrome-an accusation which was apparently retracted once Kevin’s symptoms remained while in DSHS custody. See CP 14:!-63.
Doctors who falsely accuse never face accountability because nobody acts like it matters.
Both the public and states economy pays for it! My case is one example in WA State. Do the math and ask yourselves if doctors, cps, and judicial should be held accountable for wrongdoings and not the tax payers?
I want to be the opportunity for a new approach on addressing issues in my community by applying my first hand knowledge, experience, skills, and courage to fight for the protection of individual rights and bring back the public trust in cps, judicial, medical, and police. The belief that only career politicians can do the job is not logical and unfair and evidently not true. When there is a not a lot of turn over there is the potential for a lot of ugly and a fresh perspective never given an opportunity for sake of greater good. Can we really continue to afford to deny any opportunity for betterment in our state any longer? Why would anyone not demand more accountability? Knowledge is power. Education is the heart of our democracy. Think about it! You are the judge!
Respectfully,  Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representative

2016 Legislative Candidate

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