Thank you Pierce County Young Democrats

How do unethical attorneys, unscrupulous public officials, bad judges, and politicians cheat the public of their rights to a fair justice system? I want to confirm the corruption in our judicial branch and that our judges are out of control and are ruining people’s lives.


Still, corruption and oppression are far too common threats to the democratic society. Anna Lindh

Anne Giroux – Victim of legal abuse, medical malpractice, physical violence, and legislative indifference – now seeking elective office

Anne Giroux seeks Article 4, Sec 9 REMOVAL of Judges James Orlando; Elizabeth Martin; Kitty- Ann van Doorninck

1/20/15 Dear Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Dick Muri,

Was Medical Kidnap in Washington State a Cover-up for Medical Malpractice?

CPS kidnaps teen after heart attack, misdiagnoses mother with Munchausen by proxy

6/5/13 Dear Senator Steve O’Ban District 28 R & Dear Senator Pam Roach District 31 R,

1/27/14 Dear Governor Jay Inslee,

This is a national press release : Munchausen Mom or Fox Guarding the Hen House? By Dean Tong December 2, 2013

CPS and Judicial Reforms 2016

TCC Magazine – Tacoma Community College 2008

Thank you Washington Community Action Network

Corruption!-Single Mom in WA Falsely Accused.

Anne Giroux‎ to Human Rights Campaign

Abuse of WA State Taxpayers’ Money