Thank you Pierce County Young Democrats

How do unethical attorneys, unscrupulous public officials, bad judges, and politicians cheat the public of their rights to a fair justice system? I want to confirm the corruption in our judicial branch and that our judges are out of control and are ruining people’s lives.

Thank you for your invite to your meeting tonight and for the opportunity to allow me to get my message out. Corruption hurts everyone. Tax payers’ money is being misused as police and ambulance are used as an escort service for doctors to make police and paramedics pick up children just because a doctor says so, and not because cps is involved and not because law enforcement or paramedics allege evidence of imminent harm. See attachments.

The Washington State appellate court paid themselves money from tax payers to order all documents in my family law case and just read it because commissioner Diana Kiesel and Judge James Orlando committed judicial misconduct by allowing illegal litigations as a result of no adequate cause, yet making rulings such as ordering me to jail forever. The fact that the appellate court did this on tax payers’ money speaks volume. Then, the Supreme Court paid themselves money from tax payers to cover up judicial misconduct. The public needs to face the facts. I never met anyone in either court. I did not ask or pursue this. It is not my fault. Doctors who falsely accuse never face accountability because nobody acts like it matters.

CPS cases have increased by 30% and interestingly at the same time CPS and mental health advocates ask lawmakers for more money to fund their services. At the same time of CPS increases, unemployment and homelessness rise and the economy declines. MSBP allegations are the core of many problems with CPS and Family Law. The court ordered counseling to place a label on you and to justify CPS involvements.

Christine Gregoire, Former Governor of Washington State  When the law makers cut the mental health budget, Puget Sound Hospital was shut down and almost all Pierce County social workers that were working there all lost their jobs as one example. So clearly lawmakers are making decisions that have proven that lawmakers elected with many years of experience does not prove it is the best indicator for electing people into office.

There needs to be an audit on mental health funds.
California agencies have not properly overseen how mental health funds raised under Proposition 63 have been spent, according to a state audit released Thursday, the Sacramento Bee reports (Rosenhall, Sacramento Bee, 8/16)

Now lawmakers want to fund mental health at the same time that CPS approached lawmakers asking for more money to hire more social workers.  Fact is cps labels many people with mental health and orders them to counseling so they can label people to justify actions that allow them to break families apart. CPS receives financial incentives for children. Seattle Children Hospital and MultiCare have made the most allegations of MSBP nationally and all of this ruins families financially and contributes to homelessness, unemployment, crime, and mental health issues.

There is corruption running rampant as a result of the community being in denial, yet at the same time are funding the impacts of corruption and reelecting the same people in office that were in office as the economy declines and public safety is no longer addressed. Corruption is far and wide. Foxes guarding hen houses are everywhere and it creates a conflict of interest. The general public is either in denial or truly oblivious to the obvious. If you seek legal services from Crystal Judson center as result of a CPS or MSBP case, it is a conflict of interest because a MultiCare and Pierce County City Council member sits on the board. Vice president of WSBA sits on YWCA.

I am running for office because I want to represent and protect my community, to ensure the protection of the liberties guaranteed by the constitution and laws of the state of Washington and the United States; impartially uphold and interpret the law; and provide open, just, and timely resolutions. I want to help make change for our State and support others in this cause to stop corruption by holding corrupted individuals accountable properly. It is the law that people have the right to a jury trial to decide guilt or innocence. How can anyone trust a lawyer holding legislative office to impeach a judge if there is a conflict of interest? Both sitting on the same judicial branch, Washington State Board Association.

My case has had a series of court ex parte hearings and the superior courts in Pierce County did not provide open access to my proceedings.

My concerns based from my personal experience are:

There is a need for more accountability.

More needs to be done to protect the public.

Stop misuse of tax money.

I was falsely accused of MSBP by doctors (MultiCare Mary Bridge Children Hospital, Seattle Children Hospital) that made medical errors. On November 14, 2012 I observed the abuse of use of power by local doctors and misuse of police, paramedics, cps, and tax money by forcing them to get involved and pick up my son and I from our home and transporting both of us against our will because AMR ambulance documented no imminent harm present and the nurse at Mary Bridge said we had no choice because there were CPS issues. FACT: CPS was not officially involved until the next day and my son was held against his will in an emergency room by doctors waiting to call cps the next day. So this is one example of how money can be misused as a direct result of doctors knowingly committing crimes against children, families, community, and state because society is sending the message it is OK. Meanwhile, as time passes this harmful conditioning is removing any sense of knowing right or wrong and becomes a normalcy bias and is why new victims are less likely to receive any assistance or protection on the basis that it happens to everyone. I thought it would be helpful to hear a citizen’s perspective from their own personal experience with the Washington State Judicial System and why I want to take all that and turn it into something positive. Every person in Washington State is at risk to experience the same. These are current matters continuing to involve countless families all over Washington State and are a substantial public interest.

I hope my information can at least provide you with first hand knowledge of corruption by having the opportunity to meet someone who has direct experience and knowledge and ideas of how our economy can improve, on how we can bring trust back for our police and cps, and how we can stop the insanity of being oblivious to the obvious and begin to focus on alleviating the social conditions causing the recurring issues of crime and corruption. AMR attachment reveals examples of misuse of taxes and local police, although funding cut back police, doctors are abusing tax payer money. I was falsely accused and it can happen to anyone because it already is happening in cps. There is a need for more accountability. More done to protect public. Stop misuse of tax dollars. Camera in court room and on police owned and operated by agency outside of Washington to bring back public trust and address corruption. Stop allowing our economy to decline by allowing families to experience abuse and financial ruin as a direct result of people in denial and continuing patterns that continue the cycle of corruption. I hope I have enlightened you from my personal experiences that can turn into something good if there are good hearts willing.


Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux 

2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representative


~ DSHS accused Ms. Giroux of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome; an accusation which was apparently retracted once Kevin’s symptoms remained while in DSHS custody. See CP 14:!-63.

Doctors who falsely accuse never face accountability because nobody acts like it matters.