So, in fairness to my future constituents, I will share a few of my Candidate Questionnaires

“Working together is the way it should be, wouldn’t everyone agree?

We All Have A Voice.” – Anne Setsuko Giroux


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I was not endorsed by the Pierce County Young Democrats. However, in fairness to the voters, I will share my answers on my website.
Welcome to the Pierce County Young Democrats’ 2016 Endorsement Questionnaire. This questionnaire is intended to establish your motivations and vision for seeking public office, as well as your record on issues important to progressive young people.
● Please return this questionnaire by 5:30 pm on Friday, June 10, 2016 to at . Due to the large volume of candidates this year, we will not accept any questionnaires after that time . You will receive a confirmation email once we receive your submission.
● The questions are intentionally openended. Write as much, or as little, as you think is necessary to articulate a response in terms of your campaign vision. Please attempt to answer the questions as written and do not modify them. You may also attach a one page
bio to the questionnaire as supplementary material.
● Responses to this questionnaire will not be publicized outside the organization, and will only be used for the purposes of determining endorsement by the Pierce County Young Democrats.
● Our endorsement meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday, June 15, 2016 .Candidates are invited to mingle with our members when doors open at 5:00 pm. The Endorsements meeting will start at 5:30pm .
● Please RSVP by Fri, June 10, 2016 if you will be attending the meeting in person or will be sending a campaign representative. Although attendance is not required for an endorsement, it is highly encouraged, and will be considered as supplementary material
for endorsement. That means it’s really good to go .
If you have any questions or concerns, please email
Vital Stats
Candidate Name Anne Giroux
Campaign Phone 2534427232
Campaign Email
Position Sought State Representative Position 1
(Please bold selection)
Yes No Open Seat
Currently opposed?
(Please bold selection)
Yes No
Note: An opposed race is one where another candidate has officially filed, with the PDC and/or to appear on the ballot.
1 Why are you running for this office? Describe your priorities and visions once elected and explain why you are the best candidate for this office.
Answer: So I can address the corruption. I support human rights, justice, and opportunity for all. I am someone who will assume my priorities as my duty to serve the public and honestly. It is my duty to protect the rights of everyone as guaranteed by the Constitution, Bill of Rights and government at all levels. My experiences qualifies me for a legislative role so I can address the corruption that my present representatives FAIL to address and even deliberately ignore DESPITE their obligation to ‘’ protect individual rights. ’’ Our ‘’ judicial branch ‘’ cannot sit in judgement of their own conduct and any lawyer running for office or in office is fully aware yet FAILS to be forthcoming and honest about the conflict of interest present from the start. I have exercised my civic duty to report criminal conduct, by state officials, to my elected representatives who have the constitutional power to address and remedy these crimes being reported.
2 Review the 2015 Young Democrats of Washington Platform . As it relates to the position for which you are seeking office, explain up to three key provisions that stand out to you as important and why?
Answer: Human & Civil Rights, Criminal Justice & Public Safety, & Education are key to promoting economic and (society, community) human growth for the 21st century that involves more contribution from society. We need to bring back public trust.
3 Explain what actions you will take to carry out the YDWA Platform provisions you cite above if you are elected to the position for which you seek.
Answer: I will not be sold. I will assume my duties with pride, represent honestly, and address public issues. My character is a valuable asset for my district and can compliment the others as result of my experiences that will offer creative ideas, unique and practical
solutions to complex issues.
4 How will you engage and represent young voters?
Answer: Appear on college campus and distribute information that can ensure the education they are pursuing will be transferable in their own community as result of our economy strengthened by their vote for me. I am not a career politician. I care very much.
Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you have completed the Pierce County Young Democrats questionnaire (or scrolled down and noticed how tothepoint it is!) Just don’t forget:
● It’s due by email on Friday, June 10, 2016.
● Our endorsement meeting is at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, June 15, 2016. (Doors will
open at 5pm)
● Pierce County Young Democrats have an experienced team of phonebankers, doorbellers,
and campaign professionals. We’re good people to have on your side.
They did not endorse me however I wanted everyone to know what my responses were to the questions I was given by email.

Here is another questionnaire.

Why are you running and what are your major campaign issues?

Answer: I support human rights, justice and opportunity for all. I have exercised my civic duty to report criminal conduct by state officials, to my elected representatives who have constitutional power to address and remedy these crimes reported. My present representatives fail to address and even deliberately ignore their obligation to protect individual rights. Our judicial branch cannot sit in judgement of their own conduct and any lawyer running for office or in office is fully aware yet fails to be forthcoming and honest about the conflict of interest present from start. Human & civil rights, criminal justice & public safety & education are key to promoting economic and human (society, community) growth for the 21st century that involves more contribution from society.We need to bring back public trust.


1.Do you believe that private property is protected by the Constitution?




  1. Regulations and restrictions have severely impacted many private private property owners. Will you carefully consider this effect when voting?




  1. Have you ever attempted to gain a building permit for anything?



Where? What year?

There is tension between government protection of the environment and ownership of private property. Will your votes reflect a reasonable balance?




  1. Many environmental regulations restrict the use of private property and can adversely impact a family’s use and value of their property. Should the perceived public benefits of these restrictions be disproportionately by private landowners?


Yes / No More information needed to answer at this time

  1. Many wetland delineations are controversial and not based on valid science. Do you favor reviews that force these delineations to meet legal and  peer reviewed scientific definitions before allowing restrictions?




  1. The Growth Management Act (GMA) was meant to have 13 equal and balancing goals. However, environmental concerns often get disproportionate attention to the neglect of goals like protecting private property, economic development, reasonable permitting, etc. Will you help restore the intended balance?




  1. Do you support the use of eminent domain for economic development or private use?




  1. What is your current job situation and time availability for this campaign? I work part time


“In accordance with my oath of office to uphold my state constitution and the constitution of the United States, I hereby affirm that I will not use the power of my office to advance laws, policies, or regulations which would most likely result in the loss of any reasonable use, in taking, or in any other damage to private property unless provisions for just compensation having first been made or legally established in any such law, policy, or regulation.”


Candidate Anne Setsuko Giroux
Jurisdiction *STATEWIDE*
Locality Legislative District 28
Office State Representative Pos. 1



Increase min wage

keeping min wage lower is not enough money for anyone to pay for food, gas and shelter so eventually everyone is not going to be able to go to work although they could it is likely they won’t.

Syrian – I don’t discriminate but I think there needs to be an improved security process the way it is now some people come from Middle East into the US and some are good and contribute to society but some people sneak through the loop holes and cause harm to society although I am not aware of the whole screening process clearly something is wrong.


Paid Family and Medical Leave



Dear Anne Setsuko Giroux,
The Washington Work and Family Coalition advocates for public policies that enable all working people to build economic security and care for their own and their families’ health. We include more than 30 organizations representing labor, faith, women, child, senior, and anti-poverty state residents.
In 2007, we helped pass paid family and medical leave legislation in Washington. As introduced, the bill covered the birth or adoption of a child, a serious family illness, or the worker’s own serious health condition. Our proposal was fully funded through payroll premiums, similar to programs now existing in California, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island. Unfortunately, the legislation as amended and passed applied only to new parents, did not include funding, and has never been implemented.
Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of that legislation. With the Great Recession behind us, and compelling evidence mounting of the myriad benefits of paid family leave to infants, seniors, workers, and our whole economy, we believe it is time for our state’s public officials to commit to passing a fully funded paid family and medical leave insurance program for Washington. We want to hear from you about where you stand on this important issue.
As a candidate for the Washington State Legislature, please state your position on family and medical leave by replying to this email with your answers to the three questions shown below. Note that as a coalition, we do not endorse candidates; we do plan to share the results.
1. Do you favor establishing a family and medical leave insurance program for Washington, funded through payroll premiums (estimated to total $3.00 per week for a typical worker)?
My answer: Not at this time.

2. Will you prioritize passing family and medical leave insurance in 2017?

My answer: Not at this time.

3. Optional additional statement to include in our summary of questionnaire results and Washington Work and Family Coalition materials.

My answer: See my additional statement below. I welcome any response backs to my voicemail or email if you would like to enlighten me until then I hope my answer can enlighten my future constituents. After all working together is key for optimal success.

“Working together is the way it should be, wouldn’t everyone agree? We All Have A Voice.” – Anne Setsuko Giroux

For additional background information please see the Quick Facts section below, or click here for a comprehensive report from our website.
Please submit your reply by July 1. A copy of this letter has also been sent to your campaign’s address of record. Thank you for your attention to this important public policy issue.



I called and left a voice mail message for the organization and sent an email and to this day I have still not had any response backs. Even though they will not endorse me I wanted my future constituents to know my answer on these questions. If I were in office I would always consider what my community wanted and not simply what a person in office wanted and that is one example of how I view considering others for sake of truly working together.

My Optional additional statement :

Why should a typical worker even have to pay $3 per week for a given benefit that Congress approved and had already passed in legislation? I would like to conduct an audit on the insurance companies in WA State. I would simply like to appropriately learn more by carefully taking the time to thoroughly look at how insurance companies in WA State is transmitting money and coverage. I would like a statewide audit on all insurance companies before any worker has to pay for any coverage that should be a given. I am concerned about the potential for misuse and abuse especially since I have first hand knowledge of this fact on several insurance companies in WA State. It is my duty to protect individual rights and this is an example of how I would address this. I would like to begin a process of elimination, determination; assess the situation from information collected from an audit,create a plan and implement. I would like to err on caution on matters such as these. A typical worker is already financially struggling to simply afford to pay for premiums, deductibles and prescriptions that may or may not even be covered by their medical insurance plan.The public needs to know how money is being spent. Wouldn’t anyone agree? I support FMLA but I do not support misuse and abuse and an audit in my opinion is the only way to truly determine this case in WA State medical insurance companies offered in WA State employment.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).


MORE PROTECTIVE.–Nothing in this Act or any amendment made by this Act shall be construed to diminish the obligation of an employer to comply with any collective bargaining agreement or any employment benefit program or plan that provides greater family or medical leave rights to employees than the rights established under this Act or any amendment made by this Act.
LESS PROTECTIVE.–The rights established for employees under this Act or any amendment made by this Act shall not be diminished by any collective bargaining agreement or any employment benefit program or plan.



There is established a commission to be known as the Commission on Leave (referred to in this title as the “Commission”).


See “6384. Employment and benefits protection.

I may not know everything but I am not stupid. I am fully aware of the importance of investigating and or researching important matters especially when these are matters that are requesting support. It is always a concern when important matters appear to evade questions or concerns. I am honest, forthcoming, diplomatic and rational. I welcome opportunities for creating a greater good.

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 ENFORCES EMPLOYMENT LAW NOT 2016 WA State LEGISLATORS ENFORCING WA State EMPLOYEES to have to leave, the FMLA act ,that congress designed to enhance the welfare and protects rights of workers.

Discrimination is far and wide.
That’s not just Watkins’ opinion. Two federal agencies say not only was the state wrong to take the child, but, that DCF acted based on “discriminatory assumptions and stereotypes based on her disability.”
I was employed by a Washington State Medical Health Organization in 2009 at same time I was told I had cancer and had to have emergency surgery. I applied for FMLA and it was granted but then what happened next became a risk every person in WA State can also experience. Because I had to file a lawsuit based on discrimination and fraud I am not allowed to elaborate despite the fact I won.What good are any laws when there is no accountability? How can workers rights be protected any more when there are already laws in place that should already protect and could healthcare fraud in the workplace be a contributing factor? We cannot eliminate waste and abuse if we do not identify it and we cannot identify what we refuse to see and it is necessary to see what is exactly going on with employers and medical insurances that feel the need to involve WA State legislators to enforce WA State workers to have to pay any money for the protection Congress ordered employers to provide. Every business should conduct an audit regularly in my opinion for optimal success. Anyhow, this is just one of many examples of why it is important to investigate on matters of FMLA and asking legislators to enforce employees to have to pay for what employers are suppose to provide. I am not a career politician. I just want to help everyone because I am personally aware of the importance of many issues that need to be addressed.
It is my heart desire to contribute a greater good in Washington State.
Galatians 6:10 “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.”