Anne Giroux – Victim of legal abuse, medical malpractice, physical violence, and legislative indifference – now seeking elective office

Anne Giroux seeks Article 4, Sec 9 REMOVAL of Judges James Orlando; Elizabeth Martin; Kitty- Ann van Doorninck


July 3, 2015- Senator Steve O Ban never responded back to my certified letter his assistant confirmed was received. Representative Dick Muri failed to keep his first appointment with my son and I and left us standing outside his locked office without explanation. I do want to note he was fully aware that I did not own a car however we would walk to his office since it was near by. Although my son and I made the valid effort to arrive to our scheduled appointment with Representative Dick Muri, my son was also recovering from a recurring heart complication at that time called pericarditis but pushed his way through just to have our chance to to be heard by our public officials. Although weeks later we were eventually granted an appointment after an aggressive persuasion by an out of state activist who caused him to do so sadly he not only ignored concerns presented and attempted to direct away but  he  failed to fulfill his obligations to protect individual rights even after we reported  crime , is there a conflict of interest for him to represent his community and conduct his duties ? Although I made a valid attempt to follow up with a phone call his assistant took a message for Senator Steve O Ban to call me and that has never happened only thing that did happen in WA State 2015 is the 11% pay raise lawmakers gave themselves because it is evident what really matters!

Vigorous prosecution of public corruption has always been vital to our country. Public corruption takes a heavy toll on our communities. Corruption gives unfair advantages to those willing to break the law: public officials, their relatives and friends, and those who willingly pay bribes to gain public contracts and other government actions. But there are many victims: both those who are shaken down for bribes and kickbacks, and the members of the general public, who pay for corruption through inflated costs and loss of faith in government.With tightening budgets throughout all levels of government, vigorous enforcement is even more important than ever.

Single Mom in WA Falsely Accused

Published on Jun 8, 2014 – May the highest good come from this video. My children and I are victims of injustice and harm brought to us by the wrongful actions of CPS by physicians after a medical error/wrong diagnosis resulting in a heart attack, open heart surgery, and a surgical procedure for what I was told, cardiac tamponaude. A court ordered parenting plan with history of domestic violence and order of supervised visitation only after DV recommendations was not followed by CPS when an ex family member with DV history was contacted and our children forced into his care. Our experience with CPS has caused my family to become aware of the need for CPS/Family Law Reform. The system as can obliterate families and children simply because it has the power to do so and that is concerning. Children deserve better and children are the future. Families deserve better. And historically, parents in children’s lives have been one of unquestioned value, celebrated in cultures around the world. The heart of Washington States future is made by the hearts of Washington State Senators, Media and Public today, please set our children and families free and allow the future of our state to appreciate. Thank you ahead of time for taking the time for reading our experiences in hopes no mother and child should ever have to experience what we have. Below are a few links to learn more of the truth. I have had a history of maintaining a positive attitude in midst of duress. Corruption can destroy and take away life. Without the public, media and an attorneys action this lack of action ensures a lower standard and quality of life.

I think I have to contact go fund me because it wont allow me to edit my campaign description. I wanted to share the links below because I think it is important to share.

Anne Giroux’s Recovery Fund


Anne Giroux’s Defense Fund Of The Heart