How can any level of corruption exist at all? RICO – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

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I don’t have enough gas to go to work tomorrow. I drove all the way to Portland Avenue food bank from University Place to get food, however, they decided to close an hour early because they claimed to run out of bags. It was a hot day today and there  were only volunteers on site. I can understand why they decided to close early, but I can also understand how this could present a hardship for someone that has no food or money for transportation. Volunteers are always appreciated and needed in many areas in our community. There is a need for more people to get more involved in their own community in various ways. Plastic bags, brown bags, and bus tickets would be greatly appreciated by citizens in need of visiting a food bank. There are so many people who do not have money to take the bus back and forth to the food banks, so a bus pass or uber ride would be helpful for so many people that have small children or physical limitations, but not necessarily a disability. This is something I know from personal experience after I had to walk back and forth to food banks with multiple injuries on my neck, back, and wrist, yet I never gave up because the importance to feed my children was greater. I admit it is very difficult to not feel inspired to do more when the daily activities of living can be so exhausting and challenging by no fault of one’s own. Many families simply want a hand up and not a hand out. So many families wish more sensitivity towards circumstances that were no fault of theirs could be given, because that can generate betterment for that family. I understand how it feels to be down on the ground, and being kicked upon only causes further detriment.I do not understand what causes a  civilized and rational person to not only ignore to help anyone in need, but feel the need to tell the person in need words that only cause more harm to a person in need for the sole purpose of justifying the reason to not help out. This saddens me because clearly some people feel helpless and guilty when they see a person in need. I am saddened how the answers to so many of the issues our community faces are right before our eyes and how so many people seem to be in a hurry and not wanting to carefully take the time to review and or see all that is available for greater good. When people can slow down people are naturally more calm and kind towards each other. When people slow down people are able to make better judgement and not overlook the obvious. When people stop trying to tell themselves it only makes sense to continue to reelect the same people in office because they know what they are doing then my question is how come more families are torn apart, our educational system is not a priority, lawmakers are giving themselves a raise while the supreme court has presented the McCleary Case, and basically I just want to ask the public a simple question … how is that working for us? Sometimes we just have to do the right thing, to have the courage to know that a true representative is someone who has the courage to do everything and not give up no matter what, and my life is the example of that. The importance to resolve many of the issues we face today is so great I sacrificed everything  just so my children and yours would never have to experience the nightmares I have and countless other families have, because it ruins lives forever. I put myself out there for all of WA State to read my story and I am aware that more than likely the majority just doesn’t care. I do not think badly or negatively about views that are not same as mine, but I do hope my story can be considered by everyone that reads my story, because it is a human interest. I am a survivor; I cared so much that I gave all I had left in hopes that someone could help make Washington greater, because when it is made better, the community feels the difference and that is good for everyone. I have never had any trauma healing other than writing, music, time and photography, so my apologies for my grammatical errors. I have been silenced for so long and conditioned to speak so much just so someone could hear me, because I quickly learned that laws are meaningless in a case that is corrupt and what would concern me is any mother subjected to what I have and not say a word or cry out. I wish for everyone to know I am fully aware and yet it was more important for me to not allow what has happened to me and my family in vain and my attempt to prevent another family or child to experience the same may not be traditional or conventional, but creative and sometimes that is what needs to be done when there is a level of corruption so great that every area is restricted and no relief can be gained. I wish for people to take the time to consider the fact a tree is sometimes purposely shaken to cause everything it holds so dear to become loose and fallen, and surrounding people might decide the tree and all it holds are not worthy just because someone didn’t like the tree or because the tree was just in the way for monetary gain. Whatever everyone decides to do just remember how special everyone is, good luck to you and your future. We are all only human and nothing can make anyone a better person to just care enough to do the right thing. Corruption is far and wide and that is the difference in everything. Action speaks louder than words. What have the lawmakers done for you and are things better as a result of doing the same thing over and over? C__Data_Users_DefApps_Windows Phone_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1382146_737946356306189_1607723360705060513_n

Here is a link to the Pierce County Food Banks Special Diet Food Bank
Tacoma – Central  Tacoma Seventh Day Adventists Community Services
3108 Portland Ave. 98402 Mon- Thur 10am-2:45 pm 253-272-8289

Anyhow, I donated my brown paper bag to them so they could give it to someone who needs food. If anyone has any extra brown paper bags please contact the Special Diet Food Bank located on Portland Avenue in Tacoma, WA. Thanks. I was able to pick some blueberries at the blueberry park on the way home so I made the most of an unfortunate situation. My daughter and I enjoyed picking plump blueberries and for free. Here is a link for anyone interested in learning more about the blueberry patch farm owned by Metro Parks   It would be nice if homeless or low income citizens did not have to pay for a salt or fresh water fishing license just so they could at least have one way to have food. My experiences shared on this campaign website is to provide the public with honest communications and the importance for everyone to deeply understand how it is that I can directly relate to many of the issues that our community is facing and there are countless families who want betterment, yet are overwhelmed by the emotional complexity of the challenges. I will never give up. Washington is my home and I know it can become greater. I want to help bring back a more friendly place for us all to be and help pave the way for a greater good because everyone matters.

Meanwhile, is there anyone that can help me out? Is there anyone willing to offer me a ride to work or back home? I don’t have any bus money or gas money. Please call me at 253-460-2854. I ran out of cell phone minutes. These are examples of the impacts of corruption or fraudulent and  abusive actions that involve medical and judicial authorities knowingly making false allegations and entering that information in a database that restricts and restrains my ability to make my situation better and to simply move on and rebuild. I do not wish to simply complain. I am running for office as my honest valid attempt to help create betterment for everyone because no one should ever have to experience what I have. There is a need for some laws to be created but more importantly there is a need for transparency and accountability. Thank you all for your sensitivity to my situation and if anyone can help me then please contact me because I do not wish to ask for a hand out but a hand up would be appreciated. Washington State is my home and I care very much. Thank you for your compassion and considerations on matters that are a risk to all. Safety is paramount!

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