Re: 2016 Primary Election Mini Reporting Campaigns for Anne Setsuko Giroux


Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 11:32 PM
To: PDC Support <>

Hi. Thank you for your email. No I have not raised any money and no money has been given to me. In fact all my money is taken from me please see attached. I used my own money to file. I used my own money for gas to drive to Olympia to file, to drive to four separate candidate forums, to drive to neighborhoods to distribute my home made campaign flyers that I printed from my home computer that required me to spend money on replacing black and white and color ink cartridges at least three times and I bought something nice to wear to the forums. Anyhow I am sure I spent more money but I did not keep receipts although I might be able to find them.

The importance of getting my message out was greater than the importance of me getting any money. This is a matter that is an important matter to the public because every mother and child is at risk to experience the same. My sole efforts to run for office was to generate awareness and not to gather money. Although any money that would have been given would have been applied directly to my campaign in hopes of sharing my message far and wide. My efforts may not be the most traditional, most professional, most conventional however it may be slowly but surely emerging a response that older methods have not and likely would have not.

There is an immediate need for CPS (Child Protective Services) and family law audit and reform in my beautiful home state of Washington. My family’s unfortunate experiences with being falsely accused has discovered many areas within many organizations within my home state that need improvements however in summary there is a lack of protection for children by CPS and the family courts that is unconscionable. It is evident; it is time for change, time for the good of betterment in every district in Washington State. Victims deserve justice. Civil Rights Complaints exposes those who have harmed innocent families, it seems like the only way we can create accountability and hope we can keep CPS and family law courts from continuing to the unethical practices that plagues Washington.  There is a need for more transparency, accountability and better laws and that is the a reason I decided to run for office because I am aware it is not going to happen on its own. We cannot manage or prevent what we do not acknowledge and we cannot acknowledge what we do not know so I am simply exercising my civic duty by reporting information that is a substantial public interest.

I cannot conceive of the appalling actions I have experienced and how so many more families are at risk to experience the same simply because no person is willing to have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. I am simply a voice. I care very much about us all. Washington State is my home and what I cannot understand is how anyone that has knowledge of the same would not do as I do and it is evident that making money was not my goal. I do not have any thing to write in your books. I can create one but it will only show what my paycheck says- zero. I have already been contacted by someone in the community that has experienced the same as I have and they are asking me to help them and hoping I can get elected because change is needed desperately for cps dshs.I can understand the email that is written by someone that is clearly stressed and I can relate to what their experience. It saddens me to know that I am restricted and restrained from my rights to be treated fairly and equally as everyone in Washington State by the laws in Washington State. Many families have experienced the same scenario as I have and  false allegations ruins lives, there is a need for change in many areas in cps, dshs and family law. In my case doctors knowingly falsely accused me and  knowingly involved cps to be involved and although cps has changed their findings to unfounded they fail to remove the incorrect information from a statewide and national registry that restricts my ability to improve my situation in any way and has an impact on our economy as result of this action that prevents me from having a job that I had before and am qualified for that earns three times more than minimum wage and can allow me to buy my own food and have money to pay my mortgage. Families are not wanting a hand out they simply want a hand up from circumstances that were no fault of their own. There is a need for an organization to be created to help families simply move on from cps and family law involvements because the impacts can create a need for someone to simply smooth out some of the roadblocks that can arise.

I cannot conceive why anyone believes it can be achieved by people who have experience in an area that is deemed appropriate for the position when truthfully the only thing that is required is honesty and the  courage to never give up protecting the individual rights of Washington State Citizens. Why does any candidate need many years of any experience to  do that? Nobody has a perfect life and nobody should be discriminated against because of an imperfect life especially when it is evident their heart is in the right place. Anybody can learn the specific job description of any job and perform their duty and many people in office traditionally have been elected on the terms everyone continues to believe should be the only for electing anyone but truth is action speaks louder than words and both our state and nation proves that there is a need for change and the idea that everyone continues to restrict the opportunity for betterment on the basis of negative personal feelings or opinions of a candidate because they have unpaid bills, traffic tickets, or have not been actively participating in the voting processes is just an example of discrimination and a normalcy bias that actually is the cause that restricts the optimal potential for greater good. I think someone who has never had any experience in office may easily see areas that could use improvements where many other lawmakers have been accustomed to overlooking the obvious and or had not consider an approach suggested by someone that is not familiar or experienced. All I know is sometimes we have to take a leap of faith for sake of greater good when what is in place is not looking as good as it should.- Anne Setsuko Giroux



Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

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