Public Comment Board is now Open. “We All Have A Voice.”- Anne Setsuko Giroux

Anne Setsuko Giroux takes comments, concerns and personal stories shared seriously and welcomes everyone’s input! Citizen comments are always important and should be considered as an equally important part of the election process. I have decided to post a public comment board on my campaign website to allow serious and sincere comments, questions or concerns from the public.

This is a public website and I do not advocate for discussing any open cases regarding legal or other related issues. Please seek legal counsel or legal support groups or contact me privately. I have mainly created this public board for anyone in the community to coordinate joint efforts to bring the topic of CPS and Family Law reforms onto a local and Statewide platform discussion in the 2016 election process.

Why wouldn’t there be a discussion about CPS, DSHS and  Family law victims and the need for an audit and reform in 2016?

Can anyone tell me the name of one representative or senator in Washington State that is actively discussing how they will be working for 2016 CPS DSHS and Family Law Audit and Reform and  also providing informational support to the countless CPS, DSHS and Family Law Victims in Washington State? Thank you ahead of time for your support on these serious matters. Safety is paramount, wouldn’t anyone agree?


Any derogatory comments, pornography, inflammatory remarks, obscene images or language or personal attacks will be removed as result of a disrespect for respect and common courtesy.

The public is welcomed to contact me at any time by email or by phone 253-442-7232. I Can also be reached by mail at 3214 Crystal Springs Road West University Place, Washington 98466.

Additionally, I invite you to mark your “live” ballots for you and to endorse me on the site. LiveBallot is now being promoted directly to motivated Washington voters online via The Seattle Times and KOMO News. Every candidate in the country is trying to get followers to share their support across all of their social media platforms. Here is the simple link to share!/candidates/5761dd90fd778c00167b14a3

Thank you for your courage and compassion. Thank you for sharing your  time, considerations and personal comments, encouragement and or support. Many blessings to all. May the highest good come.

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

I support a federal BBA ( Balanced Budget Amendment ) resolution and in Washington state. United we stand or divided we will fall. The entire nation must get involved, it is time for everyone to become engaged and begin to discuss ideas for ratifying a balanced budget amendment,and discuss and debate the language that will be written it. Congress has not paid back any of the debt since 1969. Our national debt increased more than $10 trillion from 2007-2015. There has never been enough money in the world to finance this debt in the past or now.

The bottom line is simple, we are living in desperate times and there is a need for the people to unite and become more engaged in community, locally and nationally for greater good and do everything we can to prevent our economy from becoming completely destroyed. I am just saying that I support a BBA. If you do not, then at least voice your ideas to your local legislatures on what you think can be helpful because everyone matters and everyone is listening because I believe everyone really does care despite the emotional economic complexity of 2016. Let us encourage one another and build each other up. “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama




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