Primary Election August 2, 2016 Anne Setsuko Giroux’s message of thanks.

Heartfelt gratitude to the voters of the 28th District of Washington State 2016. Thank you!

(Prefers Democratic Party)
1,829 7.73%

2016 May - How did Anne Giroux  get to this point?
“We All Have A Voice.”- Anne Setsuko Giroux 2016 

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s family or friends. I would like to thank all 1829 registered voters in Washington State that took the time to vote for me. The results are a clear example that there is a need to address not only the issues at hand, but also the issues that I have presented. The public officials need to reconsider my recommendations seriously such as cps dshs and family law audit and reform. I would like to encourage more people to get involved because there are serious challenges that must be overcome for the sake of countless families in Washington State. Although I lost, I am overcome with a small measure of joy in my heart because I feel that despite all my human suffering that I can convert that into a positive, and 1829 people have shown me they believe this too. I am sincerely grateful to everyone for making my first candidacy experience feel like there are people in the community that care and want to contribute to betterment, but there is a need for everyone to want the same and be willing to work together. Learn more about what is going on in your community because your involvement can make a life or death difference in a person’s life. May the highest good come to everyone.

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Exodus 20:16

God bless those who fight for our freedom to protect the land, the people, the culture, the laws, the values, and the honor. I would also like to thank Bill Scheidler and Medical Kidnap for their outstanding dedication to act in the best interest of humankind, for believing in me and showing their support to me and the community by promoting awareness and inspiration for betterment. I have been strengthened by them and others at times I felt like I could literally no longer go on. No mother should ever have to experience what I have and my heart goes out to all the mothers that are experiencing the same and to the countless families that had hope I would win the primary election and there could be an opportunity for change. I am naturally disappointed my efforts to report crimes and the urgent need to conduct a cps dshs and family law audit has been restricted when I went to my local representative office to report or when I created a campaign website made visible to all of Washington State media, Washington State Governor and 49 Senators and all of the 2016 candidates and yet only two people running for office did personally wish me the best and sadly they were not elected. My effort to support my community has not been completely restricted, because I have received phone calls, emails, and in person personal support for my candidacy involvement and encouragement during my campaign. I would like everyone to know that your valid effort to promote greater good has been recognized by many and now we shall see if the public officials in Washington State can fulfill their obligations and protect individual rights when clearly almost 2000 registered voters agrees safety is paramount. I congratulate ahead of time all persons that are elected in 2016 and may the highest good come for all.

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist. 28, Position 1
253-442-7232 or 253-460-2854


“We pray for peace in everything you do. We pray for your good health. We pray that all goes well for you. We pray that your soul prospers.”- 3 John 1:2 –

Dear 2016 Washington State Governor and 49 Senators,

I would like to congratulate you ahead of time and wish to express to you concerns shared by many families statewide in Washington State. There is an immediate need for CPS (Child Protective Services) and family law audit and reform. There is a lack of protection for children by CPS and the family courts that is unconscionable. It is evident; it is time for change, time for the good of betterment.  It is time for everyone to stop ignoring reality and start to show a more friendly approach for addressing emotionally complex issues that many families face that  destroys families and devastates our economy, our children deserve better!  I will keep this website up and continue to post updates once in a while but mostly allow my message of importance to be available for everyone. The public and public officials are always welcomed to contact me at anytime to discuss the issues shared on my website and or share their personal stories or ideas. Communication is key and knowledge is power but together we can create a greater good in Washington State when everyone is willing to do good unto all and that is all anyone really wants. Saving one child from abuse is worthy. Every living thing upon the earth matters and no person has a scale to measure the worth of another being other than the scale created and compared by one self, with that being said what causes any rational and civilized person to not want to help any person that has been harmed or want to try to do everything they could to learn more so it would not happen again?  Feel free to make a change for betterment on your own or contact me if you are interested in learning more. A lack of common courtesy for positions being assumed in office,  unsatisfactory performance for protecting individual rights and failure to fulfill obligations in office demonstrated by any public official should be considered a violation pursued aggressively wouldn’t anyone agree? What is in place to ensure any candidate that assumes the role as a public official  in local government in Washington State to not allow any abuses to occur if there is an attempt for a new public official to stop any abuse but the majority of people in office want to make people believe ‘that’s-just-the-way-things-are-done’  mentality ? I am truly concerned of a normalcy bias and lack of care and caution that can be easily viewed by my running for office because the only people that showed any real care about serious issues are the voters that voted for me. We All Have A Voice Hear Our Prayers! I hope we can all be proud of the changes you can all make because there is always room for improvements regardless of any organization when the determination to do good unto all is there. 2016 is a new impetus to conduct a cps dshs and family law audit, reforms and other necessary improvements that can naturally work for the greater good of Washington State. Whatever it is you decide to do in life  best wishes to you.Thank you ahead of time for your considerations on these serious safety matters. Safety is paramount.


Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist. 28, Position 1

253-442-7232 or 253-460-2854

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