Anne Setsuko Giroux needs the public’s help because the media & public officials refuse to help me gain my life back.

I DO NOT want to lose my home and especially because the real reason is it is a result of fraudulent and abusive actions from 2012 when doctors knowingly blamed me for errors they made to evade a lawsuit and auditor. They knowingly ruined my life and have done nothing to help me gain my life back.

Every human being in Washington State is fully aware I have been falsely accused, abused, and abandoned because clearly I am restricted and restrained from my right to have incorrect information extracted from a national and statewide database that is a negligence causing me imminent harm. Where are the organizations that remove and order the wrong doers to a psychological evaluation and counseling before they can have their job back because clearly these people are continuing the same abusive crimes yet in the public arena of Washington State.

I DO want to save my home and DO NOT want to lose it into foreclosure, public auction, or sale. I am accustomed to paying my bills. I realize that my delinquency is a circumstance; however, I could not control the constellation of circumstances which have brought me to this junction in my life. I have been a homeowner in University Place, Washington since the purchase of my first home in 1992 as a 22 year old single woman.


Although I am not in a position to bring my mortgage current, I have gained employment. I am seeking employment that could offer to pay three times more than minimum wage since that is what I have been accustomed to. I am seeking the public’s assistance and welcome any prayers, suggestions, or job opportunities. I am requesting for the public to demand an audit on the tax payers’ money that was used to pay the family law courts, appellate court, and WA State Supreme Court. The public needs to know how much money was spent and proof of adequate cause should be given because I was denied the knowledge of adequate cause verbally or on paper, other than the courts and cps saying so, but not saying what it is. I was wrongfully accused by doctors that knowingly made errors and knowingly falsely accused me and knowingly involved cps, family courts, an ex domestic violence family member, law enforcement, paramedics, tax payers’ money, and more abusively by misusing their powers to evade lawsuits and auditors. My mortgage company and employer released me without warning during the same time and same month my son had open heart surgery in July 2012. My car was wrongfully taken from me although I owned it outright, and my child support was allowed to be reduced although I was unemployed. Boeing VIP retirement was also mine because I was legally married and this was never divided in half on the agreeable divorce filed July 2006 in Spokane county on the basis that I was told it did not exist, but I was told this after I filed a protection order that included the statements that threatened my van would be stolen, and all our money was hidden and I would never get any and our children would be stolen from me. Little did I know the threats I documented on a protection order from an ex family member would come true in 2006 and 2012. I continued to stay focused on caring for my children, despite all the restrictions placed on me and harm from so many injuries that should have never happened such as my permanent injuries from being a passenger in a paratransit vehicle following a social worker’s instruction and hospital discharge of my son that was the same organization involved with falsely accusing me. I no longer have cell phone service and half a tank of gas. I do not have any money and I decided to run for office using the last 454.00 to my name for the filing fee because nothing means more to me than doing everything I can to protect the individual rights and rights of the community to be protected from financial abuse, misuse, and from bodily and property harm. I am sorry if I have such a large balance owing on my mortgage company, but I was made aware that my previous mortgage company sold the mortgage that was approved by the Obama Making homes affordable plan and only had to pay 848.00 a month and it is insult to our president if he knew how mortgage companies were selling the terms after granted and in my case I was never allowed to pay my new mortgage company as a result of the mortgage increase and my employer releasing me despite the good employee evaluation given before my son’s heart attack in early May 2012. My son had a heart attack on May 21, 2012 as a result of medical errors and a congenital heart condition diagnosed as asthma when he was a child, but he never had asthma and all the medications prescribed for asthma caused harm. I am concerned about tax payers not having information that is important for everyone to know, regardless of democratic or republican views. I feel the importance of truth, safety, and justice should be paramount and it is my civic duty as an American citizen to do everything I can to report crime and to try and protect everyone. Nobody ever apologized to me. The impacts from abusive, criminal, and fraudulent activities and actions on my children and I are unconscionable, appalling, and irreversible. Every person in WA State is at risk to experience the same as I have. How could any civilized and rational person not want to do everything they could to help prevent another tragedy from happening again? I am honest and forthcoming. I am willing to answer any questions, willing to provide documents, and willing to meet anyone to discuss these matters because the importance of these matters are great and it is my sincerest desire to inform for the sake of greater good. Please know I may soon become homeless by no fault of my own and no parent should ever have to experience the same impacts that are directly or indirectly related to criminal conducts by authorities whose purpose is to protect individuals in the community and not misuse their powers to abuse. Secretary of State has officially published my campaign website state wide in WA State and no human being called to say I am sorry this happened to you and what can I do to help you? How can public officials protect you when they are accustomed to ignoring the people they are obligated to protect and their misguided loyalties are the endorsers and the endorsers have shown me how a non career politician is treated in a candidate forum, ahem, pierce county youth and tacoma editorial board my heart goes out to you because the heart of Washington needs you to open your heart because the lack of money and need for more money is not the answer to solving our challenges with all due respect, it is a lack of heart and need for a little more heart, soul, and diverse intelligence from simple minds. Working together can offer enrichment that can work for everyone. As far as the Mccleary, my advice to you is to take a look at bethel school district 1976 year round school that accommodated many families with less schools and quality of education, I went to year round schools in washington state and it was better although many families today may complain it is not convenient the truth is there is nothing convenient about having children it is about your duty to protect and care for your child and not complain because it is the betterment for all and children are not children forever and the cost was less because it is not necessary to have a school every couple blocks and to rebuild them every few years the answers my friends are in your face but so many are oblivious to the obvious and it breaks my heart. I think out of the box and intelligent although I have been abused I was still good and good enough and I hope my human life suffering was not in vain because our children deserve better. CPS IS NOT convenient. Corruption is not convenient. Criminals are not convenient. Since when is the valid attempt for betterment not convenient? Thank you for your time and considerations in this matter.



American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Coordination and Review Section; Civil Rights Division

125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004


February 8, 2015


RE:  Letter addressed to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and to each of the Washington State Senators about corruption in the judicial system in the State of Washington and how it is ruining people’s lives and ACLU was CC.


Dear American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),

With this letter I am including a letter written today to each of the Washington State Senator’s and to Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee confirming the corruption in our judicial branch that our judges are out of control and are ruining people’s lives and letting them know that I had also CC the U.S. Department of Justice and few other agencies including ACLU as my valid attempt to have my concerns taken seriously.


There are grievances that describes criminal conduct by members of WA State’s Judicial Branch that   are uploaded attachments that can easily be accessed on line Anne Giroux seeks Article 4, Sec 9 REMOVAL of Judges James Orlando; Elizabeth Martin; Kitty- Ann van Doorninck – See more at:

Thank you ahead of time for your time and considerations.



Anne Giroux 253-882-5609

3214 Crystal Springs Road West

University Place, WA 98466