“In Order to Fight Corruption, We Must Be Willing to Fight Corruption. We All Have a Voice.” By Anne Setsuko Giroux 10/21/2016


Need for Transparency and Accountability in Our Tacoma, Washington Courts!

How can we start making our Public Officials use their Constitutional Powers to hold Judges accountable for crimes that are being reported to them by the citizens in the same district they represent?
I have sent letters,certified letters,emails, and phone calls reporting crimes and judicial misconduct. I even ran for office in my honest and valid attempt to address these issues since the Public Officials fail in their obligations to do so. Although I am not a career politician and am extremely shy, I can’t help but do nothing as I am experiencing corruption in Tacoma, Washington that has taken hold and the judicial corruption is absolutely out of control. I am deeply saddened to have discovered the law and evidence are meaningless in Tacoma, WA Courts. Even though you should be able to defend yourself in court, many times you are not allowed and even retaliated against if you try, and more than likely you will lose either way. Then, because of your common sense of what is right and wrong, you begin to report your concerns, complaints, or judicial crimes to the judicial commission, to public officials, media, you file appeals, file a civil rights complaint, and that is how you end up having to think outside the box to simply come up with some strategy for seeking recourse. In the end, you learn that no matter what you do, your honest attempt to create awareness of a court system that everyone believes is not corrupt actually is and nothing is as it is suppose to be and nobody is doing what they are suppose to do in the positions they assume and all the time, money, energy, invested has only proven logically that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself, to ever have the life you lost back, an unbroken future, and good health to live while you are still alive with money for food, clothing,and shelter.
There needs to be transparency in Tacoma, Washington and accountability. There is an urgent need for legal reforms that enable individuals to individually hold judges accountable, make our courts transparent, and have court cameras on 24 hours a day while monitored by an outside agency.I don’t know what else to do, but to share my message on my website, go fund me, Facebook, and even on my cover photo since it might not be seen on everyone’s news feed.I am deeply saddened and am experiencing extreme duress.Anyone may share my public posts, and prayers or positive comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you so much for your compassion, it means more to me than you may know as I am fighting to simply stay alive now. Sensitivity to my situation is appreciated and thank you as always for your support.
Below are a few proposals I am going to send again to other members in Tacoma, Washington to encourage them to have the courage to address the corruption that is clearly out of control. How can anyone live if all of their money is garnished and why would any court in Tacoma order that? I am sharing my information to let them and everyone know that this corruption is not approved by me and no person should ever have to experience the same as I am.
Proposal #1
This proposal would establish a means of making our courts transparent
Proposal #2
This proposal would establish a means of holding judges accountable
Proposal #3

This proposal would establish a means for Tacoma WA to earn back the public trust to not allow corruption to take hold.


Prayers and positive comments are welcomed and appreciated always. I am walking through fire and I am afraid sometimes I am not going to say I am not but I have no choice really because I just feel like the importance is greater and it is my duty to just do everything I can because that is what is right. Corruption is wrong and it hurts everyone.What is going to happen when nobody even wants to at least try to do what is right and nothing means anything to anyone anymore? I want to believe there is still hope for the greater good of Tacoma,Washington Courts because people want to believe the law and the courts are on their side, wouldn’t you agree?

I live in Washington State and have contacted numerous attorneys and no one is   willing to accept my case on the basis of a conflict of interest even though I clearly have a medical and judicial civil rights violations. Everyone is at risk to experience the same as I have and that should never have to happen because now is the time to break the cycles of silence for a teachable moment.

CPS kidnaps teen after heart attack, misdiagnoses mother with Munchausen by proxy

Monday, March 02, 2015 by: Jennifer Lilley. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049188_medical_malpractice_CPS_munchausen.html#ixzz4NtIC9JTC

You be the Judge! May the Highest Good Come, Doing Good To All.
Anne Setsuko Giroux

 ( 253 ) 442 – 7232

” There is No Place like Tacoma, Washington! We All Have A Voice, WE Can ALL Express Ourselves, WE ALL Have the POWER to INSPIRE Others to Inspire Themselves to Inspire their Voice to Be Response-ABLE to Our FREEdom and Our POWER to CHOOSE to LIVE IN THE WORLD WE Can Create TOGETHER if WE Want. No More Fear, No More Tears, No More Corruption In The Courts Of Tacoma, Washington.” By Anne Setsuko Giroux 10/22/2016

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