Seeking public, media and a team of lawyers for help asap.Please call Anne Setsuko Giroux at 253-442-7232. Prayers, positive comments or any donations are welcomed and appreciated.Thank you. May the highest good come.

A note was taped to my front door and states that someone has purchased my house on auction on 9/15. Essentially, this is fraud. Since mid  2012, I have not been allowed to pay my mortgage and homeowner’s insurance, so I have not. I have recordings of a mortgage company telling me that I cannot pay my mortgage and that they refuse to accept my payments. I mailed my mortgage payment and it was sent back to me. In recent years since mid 2012, the mortgage company has refused to accept my payments even when I had the full amount. My mortgage has been passed onto two different companies without my consent and without them notifying me about it until later after it had been done. Since mid 2012, I have been receiving mail stating that my house is in foreclosure, every few months. However, my house has never been sold, to my knowledge, despite the threats. So, now that I have received a handwritten note saying that my house has been sold on auction, I do not know if it is true. Someone has been banging on my house for days. Regardless if my house has actually been sold or not, it is important to remember that I have been wrongfully set up to lose my home, and if and when it has been sold, there is nothing I can do, because I have been denied the ability to pay my mortgage, even when I had the full amount.

If someone is burning in a fire, it is a sad thing to know that people would not help save the burning person simply because people view them as annoying or as unable to communicate well. It is difficult to communicate well when you are burning, and being burned alive IS annoying.


Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 May - How did Anne Giroux  get to this point?

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