MAY 24, 2017 There is nothing pretty about corruption

“The return from your work must be the satisfaction which that brings with you and the world’s need of that work. With this, life is heaven, or as near heaven as you can get. Without this- with work which you despise, which bores you, and which the world does not need- this life is hell. “- William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

MAY 24, 2017

There is nothing pretty about corruption



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What causes a civilized and rationalized human being to kick another human being that is already down and or when they attempt to get up? This is something I cannot conceive! Shots fired on an innocent mother and then dumping her in the trash can is not an act for compassion, care or dignity for a mother or any human being.

Total Dishonor

Insult to Injury

Courtesy of Criminals Wouldn’t You Agree?

If not, then what do you think of the Washington State Crisis of families living on the street?

What do you think of that happening at the same time as Washington State Lawmakers are giving themselves an 11% pay raise, courtesy of tax payers who may already live in a homeless shelter but luckily have a job still and are still working but only have enough money to pay for food and transportation to and from work?

Is this the best practice?

Is this the best judgment?

Is this a good faith effort?

How has the 11% pay raise made things better for Washington since it was given and how is it supposed to make things better for the public? ‘Horrific timing’: 11.2% pay raise for Washington lawmakers

Originally published May 13, 2015 at 2:12 pm |  Updated May 14, 2015 at 7:53 am

The state’s citizens’ salary commission has approved pay hikes for elected officials, including an 11 percent raise for state lawmakers. Did the 11% pay raise for lawmakers make things better for the lawsuit filed against them?

McCleary, et al. v. State of Washington Supreme Court Case Number 84362-7

(In January 2007, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of two families against the State of Washington for not meeting its constitutional obligation to amply fund a uniform system of education. By February 2010, King County Superior Court had declared the State out of compliance with Article IX of the Washington State Constitution. The oral argument for McCleary, et al. v. State of Washington was heard in front of the Washington Supreme Court on June 28, 2011.)

Anyone can sit in office and serve the public. How can we make solutions for problems we ignore? Should the Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee get a 2% raise in addition to the 11% raise he gave himself because he put up tents in Tacoma, Washington for the homeless families and after he took down the tents for the homeless families in Seattle Washington? Citizen panel gives Inslee, Ferguson 2% pay hike; more for Washington state lawmakers

Originally published May 17, 2017 at 4:20 pm | Updated May 17, 2017 at 4:46 pm
How can lawmakers address the difficulties many families are facing if they are not willing to listen and only want to seek a surrogate, such as the federal government, to give them money and put a band aid over a problem to look good but the bad actions that happened and shouldn’t have contributing to a difficulty a family may be facing continues to happen because you cannot manage what you do not acknowledge.

If we don’t all stand together, there’ll be no such thing as Family left.

There is nothing pleasant about corruption. Corruption exists in Tacoma and Seattle Washington and thrives because more and more people in Tacoma and Seattle are showing a full disrespect for their own family, friends, community and state each time they make a choice to take actions of bad behavior on the basis of a payoff having more worth.

Some people just don’t take the time to carefully consider what has happened because they are not truly willing to listen sadly because more and more people just don’t care about themselves or others as they are aware of what is happening to them, around them and globally that is more discouraging and overwhelming than anything.

I understand how it feels to have to face such emotional complexity/ corruption and how it can cause a feeling of helplessness and to just want to give up. But then I remember the importance to continue to have the courage to do or say what I believe is right and true. To stand up and defend myself from wrongful actions, by doing whatever I can, even in midst of vulnerability and humility as traditional methods might not available to me and the risk for others to laugh at me or kick me when I am already down.

Sharing my personal story is an honest intention that gets to the heart of the corruption that has taken over the lives of everyone in Washington State, in particular Tacoma and Seattle in one way or another.

There is an urgent need for a high profile team of lawyers, media or public to help the countless families and the countless others such as our most vulnerable citizens to have an improved life that can be provided when the full respect arises for the law and the rights, compassion, respect and dignity for all people in Washington State such as those living in Tacoma or Seattle.

How can the people living in Washington State protect themselves from a level of corruption even the federal government should be able to easily see yet nothing more is done by the federal government than just giving money repeatedly and on the basis Washington State says so?

Who is misusing their powers to wrongfully involve others to protect them?

Is this a patterned tactic?

Am I the only one with eyes that can see what most people do not see or am I the only one willing to walk through fire because I am already in the fire and it is the only way out reasonably?

I am just like everyone else really because I am a human being. Even though I am persecuted wrongfully by others, dishonored by those the public trust their life with, it is important for me to nurture myself, and to show the love for myself by simply being proud myself as a mother and human being. No human being is perfect. When people judge others wrongfully in the sense it causes harm and not the harm felt by those who have committed crime and faced with accountability but those who cause harm to evade accountability truly fail to realize they are a human being and that is what can happen but harming others to evade accountability does not have to happen and that is not a matter of not being perfect.

Despite the plethora of abusive, criminal and immoral actions made against me since 2012, I still have respect for myself, family, community, and state and even the culprits.

Criminals who get away with murder in manner of speaking is because nobody cared enough for them to learn behaviors that are good and not learn the bad behavior as good because nobody is saying otherwise. Those who take the responsibility to report crime and those who hold those with bad behaviors accountable for actions they choose show the highest form of respect for themselves, family, community, state and especially the person who made the choice for bad behavior.

I understand there will be some people who may agree or not, and that it is just human nature. There is nothing disrespectful about reporting crime no matter how it is reported it is wrong to blame, shame, ridicule or retaliate against a victim of crime. Never forget the truth! Never forget the definition of a felony. A felony is a serious crime such as murder, larceny, assault, or rape and the punishment is usually severe. Never forget what has happened to me, who made it happen, what happened to them after and what happened to me.

I hope my behavior can be recognized as it truly should because I believe I have demonstrated the essentials of honorable behavior for a mother falsely accused of child abuse neglect Munchausen by proxy syndrome (MSBP) and a human being by the conduct and behavior that show dedication, compassion, respect, responsibility, honesty, and courage for the dignity and rights for all human beings in the face of times with no history to guide mothers falsely accused of MSBP child abuse by neglect. Therefore I do not regret any action or behavior of my own because from the start I have always been loyal by the principles and belief system that I believe good because it strives for betterment and greater good for all people in and or around my life, to treat people the way you would want to be treated has always been my belief and that way there can be no wrong. Although I have discovered it is easier said than done I continue to live by my belief system even if I am the only one.


“The virtue of a man ought to be measured, not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct. “ – Pascal

Things that make you go, …..whaaat?

My Seattle Washington Microsoft Lumia Denim phone says MADE IN VIETNAM April 30, 2015


Interesting because I know a lot of Washington State homeless families, courtesy of local media located in Seattle, Washington broadcasting to the public by KOMO News of a state crisis.


At the same time, Seattle, WA Microsoft sits in the heart of it all, so I know they and or I would have appreciated the honor to work for Microsoft or any business in Washington state, because there are human beings that exist right in front of the politicians and leadership roles who seem to forget solutions for many difficulties that families are facing.


Those preoccupied with covering up a cover up can become oblivious to the obvious and that is one example of how simple solutions can be and how I can be a part of the team just like countless other Washingtonians.


If someone can just have a little courage for the compassion for those who just need someone to give them a chance, that is all everyone wants.


Having an opportunity to gain employment can be life changing. It can make a world of difference and a difference for our world, and that is just me, Anne Setsuko Giroux talking, because when I say I care I do and because I know how it feels to be in the shoes of those who are neglected and abused.


It’s wrong and hurts and I cannot even understand why does anyone get to decide if another human being is worthy to have their right to live the life they have been given and the one chance in a lifetime to experience life on planet earth like everyone else while they can. That is all I wish!


Does any other Washington state business have an idea how to help me and a plethora of homeless families to gain employment?


Washington state had to ask the government for money to bail them out for not managing homelessness more just so there does not have to be a cycle of the same patterns by leadership in Washington state and that the federal government has to give money every year, including January 2017 and or also every other year.


How many other businesses in Washington State give jobs to people who live outside of Washington State?


Does anyone think if the federal government wants to save money that instead just giving money away to a state to demand an audit on the businesses and who they employ outside of Washington state and how much money in all WA state businesses are given outside of Washington state and how many families are homeless and might not have to be with a little good faith effort and better practices by WA state and business?


Doesn’t anyone else agree or is it just me that thinks about our most vulnerable citizens and solutions for everyone to work and live together?


“The idea behind the tiny flower is that it really doesn’t matter how small you are, whether in size or numbers. It doesn’t matter how much you know, or how skilled you are. It doesn’t matter how much education or how much credentials you have. What really matters is how you affect the world around you. “- Serge Kahili King


Either way, there is an impact on all of us from decisions made by politicians and leadership roles, so why not try to put more care and caution because life really does not have to be so difficult, and that is just me, Anne Setsuko Giroux that is talking. Below are a few links to what the Tacoma News Tribune and Seattle Times are talking about. You are the judge and may the highest good come unto all. Sincerely, Anne Setsuko Giroux May 24, 2017


MAY 11, 2017 1:00 PM

Tent cities for Tacoma’s homeless are coming soon



You can call them tent cities. Or transitional centers. Or even homeless campuses, as one City Council member recently suggested to me.


But what’s become clear over the last week is they’re coming to Tacoma.


In the midst of what Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland and other local leaders have now declared as a crisis in homelessness worthy of an emergency declaration, city officials have been meeting regularly to form a response plan.


And part of the response that’s emerging involves temporary “transitional centers” spread throughout the city, the mayor and Deputy Fire Chief Tory Green confirmed in recent days.


While specific details are being hashed out — including details as small as what they’ll be called — these temporary centers will take two forms that residents are familiar with.


There will be centers akin to tent cities, though Strickland’s goal is to make them cleaner and more orderly than what some might associate with such sites. While Green acknowledged residents of these centers will be provided tents, he said the conceptual vision includes a large, fabric dome covering entire sites — think tents inside of a tent. Additionally, Green said the sites will include bathrooms, wood fencing, trash removal, showers and 24-hour security.


The other form will be collections of small prefabricated homes, similar to the enclaves of tiny homes that can already be found in cities such as Seattle and Olympia. These sites will include wood fencing, basic amenities and 24-hour security, Green said.


The exact locations for where these transitional centers will be located has not been determined, according to Strickland and Green. Neither has the final number of them, when they’ll be operational, or how many residents each will serve. Green said he’s reluctant to position tent-city-style centers in residential neighborhoods, meaning locations close to the port or industrial areas could be preferred.


The sites would likely use city-owned property, both officials said, though the city remains open to other partnerships should they present themselves.


Green said each site could cost between $750,000 and $1 million a year to operate, calling the figure a “guesstimate.” The goal is for the sites to be temporary solutions to Tacoma’s homelessness crisis.


Strickland and Green said the different styles would allow the city to serve the different populations that currently inhabit unauthorized homeless encampments throughout Tacoma.


Individuals with fewer challenges or barriers to escaping homelessness, like those with jobs, for instance, would likely be offered a spot in a collection of tiny homes scattered throughout the city.


Those with more significant challenges, like a history of chronic homelessness, addiction or behavioral health issues, would be directed toward a temporary, monitored tent city.


While Green said drug use and addiction would not prevent an individual from being housed in one of Tacoma’s temporary transition centers, such activity would be barred on the premises, and other rules would be enforced.


Why is the city taking this step?


For one, many residents of the city’s current unauthorized encampments are reluctant to use the traditional shelter model. They have their reasons, including behavioral health conditions, work schedules, relationships or pets. The limitations of traditional shelters were demonstrated recently when only three residents of the “Jungle” took advantage of the 30 beds that were made available at the Tacoma Rescue Mission when the large encampment was cleared.


Additionally, emergency shelters like the ones operated by the Tacoma Rescue Mission, Catholic Community Services and the Salvation Army are chronically at capacity and turn away individuals seeking a warm, dry place to sleep on a nightly basis.


The new transitional centers, Strickland and Green believe, can provide an alternative to unauthorized, makeshift camps that can pose public health concerns due to a lack of basic necessities like sanitation and garbage removal.


One of the selling points of these models, according to both officials, is their ability to provide a centralized location to provide social and health services to a diverse population that, up until this point, has been pushed from site to site as the city clears one homeless encampment only to see several new ones pop up, making them difficult to track.


“Our goal is to make sure no one who’s in Tacoma has to sleep on a street, in a park, beneath an overpass or outside, and the message we want to send is, help is available,” Strickland said during a May 2 City Council meeting.


“Now we have to figure out what that means, because the questions we have to answer for folks if we’re clearing out encampments is, ‘Where do I go then?’ ”


Temporary transitional centers can provide at least part of the answer to this question, Strickland and Green told The News Tribune. Once they’re created, they’ll also allow the city to clear unauthorized encampments more quickly, Green said.


As I reported earlier this week, all of this fits into the three-phase approach the city is attempting to take to its homelessness crisis.


The first phase of that plan was revealed to The News Tribune on Monday, with Strickland detailing steps to addressing the problem that centered on what she described as “mitigation” — the cleaning of trash, human waste and hypodermic needles from the city’s many homeless encampments. Enforcement of existing laws at these unauthorized encampments has also been made a priority of phase one.


There are at least 50 homeless camps in Tacoma, according to the city’s estimates, and about 500 homeless people.


The third phase, according to Strickland, would emphasize short-term transitional housing, with the city attempting to partner with Pierce County and neighboring jurisdictions to implement new approaches.



Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland


There’s little question that any effort to sanction transitional centers — or tent cities — in Tacoma will be met with some amount of community push-back, especially once specific locations for these sites are identified. That’s likely the reason city officials have been reluctant to discuss the matter publicly until recently, and why an emphasis on mitigation and the enforcement of existing city laws at Tacoma’s unauthorized encampments was the first step in the city’s multiphase approach.


But public perception won’t be the only challenge as the city attempts to chart a new course on homelessness.


Significant questions remain, like what will become of those who are currently experiencing homelessness in Tacoma who refuse to take advantage of the new sites?


And how does the city ensure that these steps are, in fact, temporary, when such a promise depends on creating more short-term transitional housing and permanent housing options for those who find shelter in the city’s new transitional centers?


But for all the drama and additional questions the creation of transitional centers in Tacoma will surely raise, city leaders faced with a growing problem — a problem only exacerbated by the failed approach of pushing those experiencing homelessness from one camp to the next — deserve credit for having the guts to propose something new.


As Strickland told me, she didn’t want to just declare a homeless emergency, she wanted to “come with some action.”


While, in the past she admitted that Tacoma leaders have been reluctant to endorse any sort of tent-city model out of a fear that they would become permanent or attract individuals experiencing homelessness from outside of the city, the situation on the ground, she acknowledged, coupled with the ineffectiveness of past approaches, has changed minds.


Which is probably good, because as Tacoma Homeless Services Manager Colin DeForrest recently told me:


“Until we are willing to increase our tools and think outside the box in another direction, we will continue to bang our head against the wall in the same way.”


Matt Driscoll: 253-597-8657,, @mattsdriscoll…/article149982517.html


King County’s plan to end homelessness has failed


Originally published March 14, 2016 at 5:05 pm | Updated March 15, 2016 at 10:22 am


Past approaches to homelessness have failed. We need a new, bold approach focusing on individual, family and governmental responsibility and accountability.…/king-countys-plan-to-end…/


King County gets $5.4M grant to tackle youth homelessness


Originally published January 13, 2017 at 10:05 am | Updated January 13, 2017 at 4:38 pm…/king-county-gets-54m…/


“Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.” – William Watt


Where’s The Money?”


The song is from the album “Stranger to Stranger” of the band INDUSTRY and filmed on an actual warship. Enjoy if YOU wish. Many blessings to ALL!

Update May 5, 2017

I would like to announce that I am considering my option to run for office again in 2018.

Incumbents almost always win reelection, but one thing that threatens an incumbent’s reelection is a scandal relating to him or her.

In my experiences, I have acquired first-hand knowledge of the behavior and habits of incumbents, and I have reason to share my concerns with the public who deserve the right to know for whom they are truly voting.

If somebody hits you, you cannot be afraid to tell an officer or a bystander that the particular person hit you. In such a case, it is your responsibility to report the attacker’s action, not only for your own safety, but also for the community’s safety.

When reporting such an action, you must relay the true facts without sugar-coating the truth. There is nothing pleasant about someone attacking you, so if a victim’s story seems to paint a poor representation of an official, then that is a result of the official’s action and choice to behave poorly, so much to the effect that he or she feels a need to conceal his or her concerning actions from the public.

Based on the analogy above that reflects my experiences, I feel compelled to run for office again. I will let you know when I have made a decision on my potential candidacy for 2018.

Thank you again for considering my candidacy in the 2016 election.


Anne Setsuko Giroux                                                         

253-442-7232 Cell Phone

253-314-5066 H Mart Work


“In Order to Fight Corruption, We Must Be Willing to Fight Corruption. We All Have a Voice.” By Anne Setsuko Giroux 10/21/2016


Need for Transparency and Accountability in Our Tacoma, Washington Courts!

How can we start making our Public Officials use their Constitutional Powers to hold Judges accountable for crimes that are being reported to them by the citizens in the same district they represent?
I have sent letters,certified letters,emails, and phone calls reporting crimes and judicial misconduct. I even ran for office in my honest and valid attempt to address these issues since the Public Officials fail in their obligations to do so. Although I am not a career politician and am extremely shy, I can’t help but do nothing as I am experiencing corruption in Tacoma, Washington that has taken hold and the judicial corruption is absolutely out of control. I am deeply saddened to have discovered the law and evidence are meaningless in Tacoma, WA Courts. Even though you should be able to defend yourself in court, many times you are not allowed and even retaliated against if you try, and more than likely you will lose either way. Then, because of your common sense of what is right and wrong, you begin to report your concerns, complaints, or judicial crimes to the judicial commission, to public officials, media, you file appeals, file a civil rights complaint, and that is how you end up having to think outside the box to simply come up with some strategy for seeking recourse. In the end, you learn that no matter what you do, your honest attempt to create awareness of a court system that everyone believes is not corrupt actually is and nothing is as it is suppose to be and nobody is doing what they are suppose to do in the positions they assume and all the time, money, energy, invested has only proven logically that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself, to ever have the life you lost back, an unbroken future, and good health to live while you are still alive with money for food, clothing,and shelter.
There needs to be transparency in Tacoma, Washington and accountability. There is an urgent need for legal reforms that enable individuals to individually hold judges accountable, make our courts transparent, and have court cameras on 24 hours a day while monitored by an outside agency.I don’t know what else to do, but to share my message on my website, go fund me, Facebook, and even on my cover photo since it might not be seen on everyone’s news feed.I am deeply saddened and am experiencing extreme duress.Anyone may share my public posts, and prayers or positive comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you so much for your compassion, it means more to me than you may know as I am fighting to simply stay alive now. Sensitivity to my situation is appreciated and thank you as always for your support.
Below are a few proposals I am going to send again to other members in Tacoma, Washington to encourage them to have the courage to address the corruption that is clearly out of control. How can anyone live if all of their money is garnished and why would any court in Tacoma order that? I am sharing my information to let them and everyone know that this corruption is not approved by me and no person should ever have to experience the same as I am.
Proposal #1
This proposal would establish a means of making our courts transparent
Proposal #2
This proposal would establish a means of holding judges accountable
Proposal #3

This proposal would establish a means for Tacoma WA to earn back the public trust to not allow corruption to take hold.


Prayers and positive comments are welcomed and appreciated always. I am walking through fire and I am afraid sometimes I am not going to say I am not but I have no choice really because I just feel like the importance is greater and it is my duty to just do everything I can because that is what is right. Corruption is wrong and it hurts everyone.What is going to happen when nobody even wants to at least try to do what is right and nothing means anything to anyone anymore? I want to believe there is still hope for the greater good of Tacoma,Washington Courts because people want to believe the law and the courts are on their side, wouldn’t you agree?

I live in Washington State and have contacted numerous attorneys and no one is   willing to accept my case on the basis of a conflict of interest even though I clearly have a medical and judicial civil rights violations. Everyone is at risk to experience the same as I have and that should never have to happen because now is the time to break the cycles of silence for a teachable moment.

CPS kidnaps teen after heart attack, misdiagnoses mother with Munchausen by proxy

Monday, March 02, 2015 by: Jennifer Lilley. Learn more:

You be the Judge! May the Highest Good Come, Doing Good To All.
Anne Setsuko Giroux

 ( 253 ) 442 – 7232

” There is No Place like Tacoma, Washington! We All Have A Voice, WE Can ALL Express Ourselves, WE ALL Have the POWER to INSPIRE Others to Inspire Themselves to Inspire their Voice to Be Response-ABLE to Our FREEdom and Our POWER to CHOOSE to LIVE IN THE WORLD WE Can Create TOGETHER if WE Want. No More Fear, No More Tears, No More Corruption In The Courts Of Tacoma, Washington.” By Anne Setsuko Giroux 10/22/2016

October is National Domestic Violence & Bullying Awareness Month. I am concerned about the level of denial by public officials in Washington state and nationally whenever I report crime because I am continually ignored and even blocked and to be blocked is evidence of corruption and the indirect direct awareness of the crimes I am attempting to report and this speaks volumes about how far and wide corruption in Tacoma really is. There is widespread lying, distorted evidence, pressure and public officials ignore the findings of a preponderance of evidence I sent by certified mail and email to each of the 49 public officials including Governor Jay Inslee, to local media, Attorney General Office and to the FBI and which the both of them have had prior knowledge of corruption in Tacoma WA on the basis they each probed into the fact following the April 2003 Tacoma WA Murder suicide that never had to happen. Here is a link to learn more if anyone is interested and can be found below: If everyone was not committing the acts of ignoring the multiple attempts a mother and resident of Tacoma had made just to report criminal and immoral actions was evidently not taken seriously and the level of loyalties among close friends or members in the community deemed more important than the lives of an innocent mother and her children and those same patterns of corrupted behaviors are visible to everyone in Washington regarding my case and I want to know how can anyone expect any mother to not be overcome by this? I am deeply saddened and fearful. I am restricted from moving forward yet any attempt I make to simply do so is a risk because I am continually experiencing retalliation. How can any child ever forget the death of their own parent by such neglect, could you? How would Tacoma Washington feel if they were continually on the map for doing the same? I am taking responsibility for my experiences to report crime because safety is paramount however it is imperative to stop the cycles of abuse by not ignoring the reports and to begin converting them into teachable moments for everyone, wouldn’t everyone agree it is time to stop the insanity of insulting victims because it is hurting everyone regardless of the level of cover up. It is evident the cover up is no longer effective because too many people are careless and most likely either overly confident or is showing the same signs as victims that everyone has had enough. Denial is evidence of corruption. I want to know how anyone can experience this and not attempt to do everything they could to be heard because it is a public interest and matter of safety, wouldn’t anyone agree? I would just like to have my life back and to simply be able go to work as I was before I was blamed for medical errors the doctors made. I would like to not be restricted from my human and constitutional rights and simply move on, rebuild and have a true opportunity for peace. In Order to Fight Corruption,We Must Be Willing to Fight Corruption. We All Have a Voice. By AnneSetsuko Giroux


To be falsely accused by doctors, cps, public officials, and an ex family who all knowingly falsely accused me for personal gain of evading accountability for errors they made is the ultimate injustice to every family, and dishonor and unconscionable pain that no one could ever possibly endure. It is a crime that is known far and wide, yet continues to harm countless mothers and children at alarming rates.

I am ignored by everyone in Washington state and nationally when I report crime. There is widespread lying, distorted evidence, pressure and public officials ignore the findings of a preponderance of evidence I sent by certified mail and email to each of the 49 public officials including Governor Jay Inslee, to local media and to the FBI that has knowledge of corruption on the basis they have published the fact they investigated the level of corruption to see if it had taken hold at the time of Tacoma Chief Police Murder Suicide and yet despite all this I continue to be ignored by everyone. That is evidence of corruption. I want to know how anyone can experience this and not attempt to do everything they could to be heard because it is a public interest and matter of safety, wouldn’t anyone agree?
Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm. – by Hippocrates
Deep thoughts in midst of duress unedited because of the level of extreme difficulty experienced at the time this post was published and is verifiable, than you ahead of time for your sensitivity to my situation, prayers and positive comments welcomed and appreciated as anyone can clearly see by this publishing and by the contents the level of abandonment only causes more duress as anyone in my shoes would experience, wouldn’t you agree?. Thank you for your compassion ahead of time.
Media and public officials are helping doctors, social workers, judges, lawyers, school officials, police, public transportation, and an ex domestic violence abuser get away with their criminal and immoral actions against me and my children for no fault of our own, but the fault of doctors making medical errors and having the real mental illness of schizophrenia, split personality, and paranoia based on my personal observations of cps telling me a community has alleged I have mental illness because I am telling people my son had a heart attack and the doctors said that is not true.
So I simply provided my son’s medical records which the same doctors accusing me had chartered my son did have one.
What I want to know is what causes a community to make any allegations towards a single mother of a teenager who had just had an open heart surgery 4 months prior to my being blamed?
What causes a community which is a group of people to even have the agreement my son never had a heart attack when not every person in the community was even present such as in the emergency room when my son had a heart attack.
What causes a community to believe this if they used good faith to take the time to carefully look through my son’s medical records that had his open heart surgery documented 4 months prior to false allegations and 6 months prior his heart attack was documented?
Did a community of doctors use good faith and carefully look through my son’s medical records, and if they did, why wasn’t any one educated doctor even able to find, read, and understand the same information on the medical records I had already requested, received, and was easily able to find, read, and understand, although I am not a doctor and do not have the medical school education doctors have.
I want to know if the other doctors that make up the community that alleged my son never had a heart attack actually never even saw the same information that I provided for my self defense because the doctors could have already attempted to cover up by removing the information from my son’s medical records?
I have medical records chronological from dates of services, and page numbers and more complete information that I requested prior to false allegations that I noticed were not the same when I ordered them all again after I was falsely accused.
I even mentioned this at the time and it’s something that suggests to me should be thoroughly investigated and anyone should know a thorough investigation should not only include the party investigated because why would they make the findings of their crime so easy and so it’s important to involve everyone especially me.
My son broke into my home and destroyed information and personal confidential information and property he claims Nintendo or Seattle Microsoft just gave him, but Microsoft refused to help me when I reported my hotmail account, which they are the creator of, would not let me have access anymore and closed itself and keep in mind this account was used to communicate with cps, assistant attorney general, and lawyers and more, but luckily I print, I save, and I fw email that is important because my ex husband taught me that because any email can be retrieved or anything can happen, and so once again I was always ahead of everyone in their criminal activities and it’s just so mean to commit such cruelty towards me after I proved doctors collectively lied after collaborating on the basis of he said and she said and that is abuse by neglect and they compiled about 30 allegations in the attempt to bombard me, gas light, and smoke screen other members in community to just believe it
has to be true, because look at all that writing it causes anyone to be overcome and not even want to look and just believe because how could every one say the same thing but anyone willing to do their job and sit down and carefully read each allegations would be appalled that so many frivolous he said she said personal opinions or feelings were allegations and none were anything to support the thesis of MSBP, so it is important evidence of corruption of the real abuse and the real mental illness and because other doctors just believe delusions or lies of another doctor because he was paranoid of a lawsuit because he knows he has committed medical errors and he knows the magnitude of his crime is so great he wrongfully misused the assistant attorney general and either lied to her or she failed to carefully look at my son medical records that would show he did have a heart attack and if she looked and that information including the open heart surgery and cardiac tamponaude was not there, then this is what must never happen again because the assistant attorney general authorized cps supervisor to go commit crimes of conducting an in school cps interview with my daughter and forced her in the car and custody of a domestic violence abuser car violating court ordered parenting plans doctors, cps, and schools had that restricts contact because domestic violence was founded by the abuser admitting on his own on a agreeable divorce filed in 2006 in Spokane and a parenting investigator Sheri Nakashima concluded her investigations in 2008/2009 that the domestic violence did happen and made the court ordered parenting plan to document the same for the purpose of protecting our children and not giving chances
And it should be known that was the court order outcome of the abuser filing a modification for custody and lawsuits against me 2 years after divorce because he cheated and lied.
I was working full time and went to school full time and volunteering in my community.
I was beginning to enjoy life.
He never paid the parent investigator for the litigation he filled and never followed the court orders that was a result of the litigations he filed.
I had to drop out of school because I was forced to go to court to defend myself instead of going to school and my attendance was an important factor for my student loan and grant eligibility. I was deeply saddened by this because it was my honest attempt to have a higher education so I could make more money and not have to depend on child support but I also wanted to make sure I could make enough money on my own so when child support ends May 2017 it would not have a negative impact. Sadly I was never allowed to complete my higher education as result of him filing modifications frivously. The courts in 2012 should have never allowed him to do it again since they knew 2 years ago he filled the same, since he never followed the court orders that he and his attorney lie and say he did but if that were true he would have filed for modifications like he likes to do and told court he completed his orders and filed proof but he didn’t because he lied the court orders stated source collateral checks had to be done to include me, my attorney, Sheri Nakashima parenting investigator and everyone is just ignoring actual court orders ordered in the same pierce county superior courts and trying to get rid of previous court orders and entering false documents that are absolutely a lie and any attempt I make to file evidence supporting my claim that everyone is lying I either have what I have filed mailed back to me, or I am told I will go to jail if I defend myself by attempting to file evidence because the Judge James Orlando ordered a court moratorium that violated my rights to due process and just that alone should have been enough for anyone in Washington such as the Governor Jay Inslee, Senator Steve O Ban, Representative Dick Muri or Rep Christine Kilduff or the other members in the community to have intervened to protect my rights and I would have never been beaten up and sent to jail but because the people in my community that hold position to protect ignored me, failed to exercise their constitutional powers to protect me, failed in their obligations of the position they assume in society and now for the rest of my life my right wrist has scar tissue because the ligaments were torn by the police in the locked secret court room that I kept crying out to everyone to protect me from.
What causes every one that I reported judicial crimes to ignore me and let me get hurt and I want to know why are the same public officials and media continuing the same and it’s now 2016?
I am deeply saddened by such inhumane treatment that clearly was discriminating because I reported to people that had the power and duty to protect me and they just laughed about it with other public officials as Senator Steve O Ban writes in a letter sent to me and the other public officials can ask Senator Steve O Ban why would you put that in writing and ask for a copy and I am more than happy to post it if anyone asks.
It hurts to be bullied, and cps, doctors, and school violated a court order parent plan they purposely tossed my case to family court and told my children and I domestic violence never happened and that is harmful because now I see my children have been taught by doctors, cps, family court and school that their experience is normal and that is why the cycles repeat because nobody is making a teachable moment by holding people accountable and it’s not about punishment, it’s about education, it’s about breaking the cycles
Sadly, I was beaten up because my son told me to fight for him and I don’t blame him and I would do it again for him and any of my children but the courts purposely made 3 rulings in about one month knowing ahead of time the purpose was to have 3 strikes of contempt to vacate or make the court ordered parenting plan that was violated to be void and release the liability for once again paranoid people who know they have committed crimes and want to evade accountability by committing fraud and ordering the same thing cps attempted but failed and they dismissed my case so the repeat was like double jeopardy trying me twice and neither court had any evidence of a crime or any evidence of adequate cause other than they say they do and they self incriminate themselves to say they do because to this day they have still not filed proof or given me proof or say or type in any document what that proof is and after family court covered cps and doctor by using a dv abuser the appellate court acted on their own to cover up family court and filed false information and sought supreme court on their own to cover up their false information and I was never involved and I was never given a copy of supreme court and everyone lied, everyone involved lied, everyone said they had all this evidence and they never proved it and I was consistently blocked, retaliated against,threatened, beatened up, tires slashed, van stolen, fairly new refrigerator and stove broken same time and magnets on my refrigerator moved around and my kids never did it, dying crippled animals on my porch and how did a crippled dying cat walk to my front porch, dead animals next to my mailbox, Electricity, internet, tv, gas, all kinds of services I paid for harrassed me by turning off my service wrongfully and with out notice and gave me the run around on the phone by hanging up on me and more basically a non stop of harassment, threats,abusive, criminal, immoral and fraudulent activities towards me and my children since 2012 is evidence of corruption because each one would be considered rare but the pattern of bombardment frivolous and by using others to create havoc and smoke screen and gaslight to everyone in my life and to the public including staged staged events such as employment and misguided loyalties that randomly and suddenly surface in my life and my children to collect information to create the illusion I am abusive and mental by creating staged chaos and hardships.
What causes a civilized and rational person to not believe a person they know or may not know but reports crime or domestic violence?
A person that has been just falsely accused is aware I am under surveillance and anything I say can be used against me in a court of law and keep in mind I was beaten up and wrongfully incarcerated so why would I ever do anything to cause me to have to endure that again and keep in mind cps involvement?
So people should know everything I have said is honest, true and forthcoming and I can provide evidence and have so I am not committing crimes of slander and defamation of character because not only am I truthful but I am reporting crime that has already been reported to the police so that would be silly if they want to incriminate themselves for discrimination, wouldn’t you agree?
I already reported to every public officials in WA infact I still am including the media and kiro,komo,and Tacoma news tribune have given me evidence of them blocking me and other less than friendly words spoken to me and I want to know what causes media and public officials in Washington state to collectively exhibit insensitivity to a single mother’s situation that includes her only son suffering a heart attack. Open heart surgery cardiac tamponaude emergency surgery August 9 2012 3 months prior to my being falsely accused in November 24,2012 beatened up by police and wrongfully incarcerated and despite the physical evidence of documents I gave them and have they thrown it away
So when I say Pierce county, Thurston county and King county Washington failed my children and I in the worst degree ever imaginable in Washington state history I am not saying every human being and I am referring to the people that chose on their own to assume a leadership, authoritive or other position in power created for the purpose of caring or protecting the citizens in Washington state and get paid a lot of money to do so including tax payers money and that makes my reporting on anywhere even more important because it is a public interest and public safety and I am crying out for help to anyone friend or foe to culprits to R.I.C.O. Or FBI I am crying out for protection, relief, lift barriers and help me but most importantly upfront release my children from the fraudulent activities that involves corruption and staged events and pidgin holing and more because the bottom line is my children and I have been wronged and clearly it hurts everyone to see the ongoing mistreatment and neglect I am still experiencing and is evidence that this was never a case about a doctor believing I made up the story my son had a heart attack and he was the one that made up a story and if MSBP is real by the allegations against me by you and cps then you have documented evidence towards your self to incriminate your self in so many ways including the label on MSBP child and parent abuse by neglect, wouldn’t you agree?
If you don’t agree then explain to me how the allegations that can be same not be towards you since there’s actual documents of your own words to prove it and your allegations was a lie and you know it so how could you possibly really honestly believe your own lie but even worse how can you forget what you write in a patient chart and do you even take time to read it so you don’t have to do this again and has anyone told you what happened to us and how come you never wanted to say sorry after having opportunity afterwards because if you truly believe you were honest then isn’t common courtesy an honest behavior?
I have written all these comments in duress, no sleeping and crying because the cruelty far and wide towards one Japanese American woman makes me cry my life has been sabotaged and it was not necessary for me and my children to have to suffer the way we have and no child can endure the agony of watching their own mother slowly tortured to what could be death because nobody is willing to help and that means I am in a helpless situation and children don’t deserve to drown with me
My comments written in tears and full of grammatical errors but it is the truth the whole truth and I challenge anyone to a mutual lie detector test because the lies have ruined my life for my parents to see, my children to see and my Washington, Pierce county, home since I was about 3 or 4 years old.
It hurts a lot and it’s not nice and everyone knows that has been contacted by me exactly what I am talking and what they said or did and that is wrong to let me suffer the rest of my life because everyone in Washington is paranoid about me and only because they know deep inside they have committed a crime but the greater crime is death sentence as result of ignoring my heart crying for justice as I lay my human lives down on the ground for everyone to see.
Why was I not worth saving?
Did other people in the community ask for help or report crime that you acknowledge or help them and were they a Japanese American?
You might see a Japanese European American but I am a human being and I love my children and you failed to protect us over and over and over and over and by everyone and that is what is not normal and evidence of discrimination by corruption of Washington state wort kind because the massive amount of people in power involved towards me and the length of years is absolutely heart breaking and to the point I feel like it is getting more difficult to do. Please hurry and help because I want to live a long life living while alive,wouldn’t anyone?
I love my children! I love my home! I love my car and I don’t want to lose my car, my home, my children or me anymore, every thing is special to me and means everything to me, it hurts to be terrorized, traumatized, bullied, threatened and lied to all I wish is I could have back every thing stolen from me and I don’t think that I am asking to have what ever I want because I think it is a reasonable request to have back what was taken from me because I need all that was stolen simply to simply live , move on and rebuild. That is all. Thank you.
My Dear Kira and Kevin,
You are my children and no matter how old you are you will always be my babies because I gave birth to you and I love you.
Happy 25th Birthday Kira. I love you wherever you are
Happy 20th Birthday Kevin. I love you where ever you are.I am sorry you had to experience what nobody should ever have to experience and always remember it’s never a child’s fault when any adult causes harm to a child and or you Kira since you were older. I hope you never forget the truth, where you came from, who you are and how things really were before the doctors blamed me for medical errors and wrongfully involved others to protect them by creating staged events such cps and family court. I understand that experience is traumatic, brain and heart shattering as Kevin once put it. I am deeply saddened to see the impacts have such a effect it has managed to tear our family apart. Anytime you miss me or want me I can be there with you if you want me to be and you can find me in your heart and nobody can ever take me out of your heart unless you want them too. What has happened can happen again when there is no accountability for actions that were never taken seriously and taught correctly in the moment it should have and I pray you never lose sight of what is right and wrong, follow your heart and never give up. I love you and I am sorry I can’t fight this good fight forever but I promise to fight because I love you and Christin that much and I am sorry for what happened and I have a duty to never abandon you. Be careful because the tactics to involve others in the community wrongfully was done by people we believe wholeheartedly we could trust to the point we allowed open heart surgery. I am sorry I never imagined in all my life you could be hurt by them and I hope you remember the truth because I sacrificed my life protecting you and would have never allowed all the doctors that were yours to be your if I would of ever known they would commit criminal, fraudulent,immoral and bullying actions against us and involving others in our community. May God Bless and Protect You Forever.


Domestic violence thrives when we are silent; but if we take a stand and work together, we can end abuse. Everything is in front of you, it has been from the very beginning. There needs to be an outside organization to conduct an investigation into the numerous complaints of violations submitted to the Judicial Bar, Bar Association, Medical Commissioner, Hospitals, Health Department, Ombudsman, Attorney General Office, Governor of WA State and each of the 49 Senators to thoroughly investigate concerns sent, how concerns were handled, investigation into the numerous complaints of violations of due process, violations of human rights, violations that lacked the demonstration of using good judgment to determine how to handle complaints evident by no action taken. A thorough audit into each of these by an outside investigator can be helpful for purpose of uprooting the deep level of corruption that has taken hold far and wide for too long by people who have built relationships with each other showing disregards to any abuse or fraud as result. It is not my wish to complain but how can we make improvements if we cannot acknoweldge what is not made known? If what is made known sounds negative it is not as result of the information being made known it is result of any one with presence of mind is able to recognize abuse and is fully aware.
I do NOT wish to punish, or embarrass any individual, but to help the people involved learn how to be more responsible for actions they make, to learn it is okay to be accountable for actions they have taken, to learn how to better handle concerns and resolve differences of opinion and misunderstandings, to make an awareness of exactly how the actions taken have made a negative impact thus increasing the awareness of the importance to carefully taking the time to research all documents and people of concern before jumping to negative conclusions based on personal feelings, criticisms, and lack of knowledge, to help ensure that any allegations, violations of any policies or laws already in place are not repeated, and to maintain the awareness of the importance of addressing all complaints to show the wanting to make a positive action and all concerns are taken seriously. There must be zero tolerance for abuse, violence and fraud so the importance of increasing awareness, understanding and accountability is how we can create a better community. Safety is paramount, wouldn’t any rational and civilized person agree?


Need for Transparency and Accountability in our Courts!
How can we start making our Public Officials use their Constitutional Powers to hold Judges accountable for crimes that are being reported to them by the citizens in the same district they represent?
I have sent letters,certified letters,emails and phone calls reporting crimes and judicial misconduct. I even ran for office in my honest and valid attempt to address these issues since the Public Officials fail in their obligations to do so. Although I am not a career politician and extremely shy I can’t help but do nothing as I am experiencing corruption in Tacoma, Washington that has taken hold and the judicial control is absolutely out of control. I am deeply saddened to have discovered the law and evidence is meaningless in Tacoma, WA Courts even though you should be able to defend yourself in court many times you are not allowed and even retaliated against if you try and more than likely you will lose either way. Then because of your common sense of what is right and wrong you begin to report your concerns, complaints or judicial crimes to the judicial commission, to public officials, media, file appeals, file a civil rights complaint and that is how you end up having to think outside the box to simply come up with some strategy for seeking recourse. In the end you learn that no matter what you do your honest attempt to create awareness of a court system that everyone believes is not corrupt actually is and nothing is as it is suppose to be and nobody is doing what they are suppose to do in the positions they assume and all the time, money, energy, invested has only proven logically that there is nothing you can do to protect yourself, to ever have the life you lost back, an unbroken future, and good health to live while your still alive with money for food, clothing,and shelter.
There needs to be transparency in Tacoma, Washington and accountability. There is an urgent need for legal reforms that enable individuals to individually hold judges accountable, make our courts transparent and have court cameras on 24 hours a day while monitored by an outside agency.I don’t know what else to do but to share my message on my website, go fund me,facebook and even on my cover photo since it might not be seen on everyone’s news feed.I am deeply saddened and experiencing extreme duress.Anyone may share my public posts and prayers or positive comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you so much for your compassion, it means more to me than you may know as I am fighting to simply stay alive now. Sensitivity to my situation is appreciated and thank you as always for your support.
Below are a few proposals I am going to send again to other members in Tacoma, Washington to encourage them to have the courage to address the corruption that is clearly out of control. How can anyone live if all of their money is garnished and why would any court in Tacoma order that? I am sharing my information to let them and everyone know that this corruption is not approved by me and no person should ever have to experience the same as I am.
Proposal #1
This proposal would establish a means of making our courts transparent
Proposal #2
This proposal would establish a means of holding judges accountable
Proposal #3
This proposal would establish a means for Tacoma WA to earn back the public trust to not allow corruption to take hold.
Prayers and positive comments are welcomed and appreciated always. I am walking through fire and I am afraid sometimes I am not going to say I am not but I have no choice really because I just feel like the importance is greater and it is my duty to just do everything I can because that is what is right. Corruption is wrong and it hurts everyone.What is going to happen when nobody even wants to at least try to do what is right and nothing means anything to anyone anymore? I want to believe there is still hope for the greater good of Tacoma,Washington Courts because people want to believe the law and the courts are on their side, wouldn’t you agree?
Anne Setsuko Giroux
“In Order to Fight Corruption,We Must Be Willing to Fight Corruption. We All Have a Voice.” By Anne Setsuko Giroux


Anne Setsuko Giroux needs the public’s help because the media & public officials refuse to help me gain my life back.

I DO NOT want to lose my home and especially because the real reason is it is a result of fraudulent and abusive actions from 2012 when doctors knowingly blamed me for errors they made to evade a lawsuit and auditor. They knowingly ruined my life and have done nothing to help me gain my life back.

Every human being in Washington State is fully aware I have been falsely accused, abused, and abandoned because clearly I am restricted and restrained from my right to have incorrect information extracted from a national and statewide database that is a negligence causing me imminent harm. Where are the organizations that remove and order the wrong doers to a psychological evaluation and counseling before they can have their job back because clearly these people are continuing the same abusive crimes yet in the public arena of Washington State.

I DO want to save my home and DO NOT want to lose it into foreclosure, public auction, or sale. I am accustomed to paying my bills. I realize that my delinquency is a circumstance; however, I could not control the constellation of circumstances which have brought me to this junction in my life. I have been a homeowner in University Place, Washington since the purchase of my first home in 1992 as a 22 year old single woman.


Although I am not in a position to bring my mortgage current, I have gained employment. I am seeking employment that could offer to pay three times more than minimum wage since that is what I have been accustomed to. I am seeking the public’s assistance and welcome any prayers, suggestions, or job opportunities. I am requesting for the public to demand an audit on the tax payers’ money that was used to pay the family law courts, appellate court, and WA State Supreme Court. The public needs to know how much money was spent and proof of adequate cause should be given because I was denied the knowledge of adequate cause verbally or on paper, other than the courts and cps saying so, but not saying what it is. I was wrongfully accused by doctors that knowingly made errors and knowingly falsely accused me and knowingly involved cps, family courts, an ex domestic violence family member, law enforcement, paramedics, tax payers’ money, and more abusively by misusing their powers to evade lawsuits and auditors. My mortgage company and employer released me without warning during the same time and same month my son had open heart surgery in July 2012. My car was wrongfully taken from me although I owned it outright, and my child support was allowed to be reduced although I was unemployed. Boeing VIP retirement was also mine because I was legally married and this was never divided in half on the agreeable divorce filed July 2006 in Spokane county on the basis that I was told it did not exist, but I was told this after I filed a protection order that included the statements that threatened my van would be stolen, and all our money was hidden and I would never get any and our children would be stolen from me. Little did I know the threats I documented on a protection order from an ex family member would come true in 2006 and 2012. I continued to stay focused on caring for my children, despite all the restrictions placed on me and harm from so many injuries that should have never happened such as my permanent injuries from being a passenger in a paratransit vehicle following a social worker’s instruction and hospital discharge of my son that was the same organization involved with falsely accusing me. I no longer have cell phone service and half a tank of gas. I do not have any money and I decided to run for office using the last 454.00 to my name for the filing fee because nothing means more to me than doing everything I can to protect the individual rights and rights of the community to be protected from financial abuse, misuse, and from bodily and property harm. I am sorry if I have such a large balance owing on my mortgage company, but I was made aware that my previous mortgage company sold the mortgage that was approved by the Obama Making homes affordable plan and only had to pay 848.00 a month and it is insult to our president if he knew how mortgage companies were selling the terms after granted and in my case I was never allowed to pay my new mortgage company as a result of the mortgage increase and my employer releasing me despite the good employee evaluation given before my son’s heart attack in early May 2012. My son had a heart attack on May 21, 2012 as a result of medical errors and a congenital heart condition diagnosed as asthma when he was a child, but he never had asthma and all the medications prescribed for asthma caused harm. I am concerned about tax payers not having information that is important for everyone to know, regardless of democratic or republican views. I feel the importance of truth, safety, and justice should be paramount and it is my civic duty as an American citizen to do everything I can to report crime and to try and protect everyone. Nobody ever apologized to me. The impacts from abusive, criminal, and fraudulent activities and actions on my children and I are unconscionable, appalling, and irreversible. Every person in WA State is at risk to experience the same as I have. How could any civilized and rational person not want to do everything they could to help prevent another tragedy from happening again? I am honest and forthcoming. I am willing to answer any questions, willing to provide documents, and willing to meet anyone to discuss these matters because the importance of these matters are great and it is my sincerest desire to inform for the sake of greater good. Please know I may soon become homeless by no fault of my own and no parent should ever have to experience the same impacts that are directly or indirectly related to criminal conducts by authorities whose purpose is to protect individuals in the community and not misuse their powers to abuse. Secretary of State has officially published my campaign website state wide in WA State and no human being called to say I am sorry this happened to you and what can I do to help you? How can public officials protect you when they are accustomed to ignoring the people they are obligated to protect and their misguided loyalties are the endorsers and the endorsers have shown me how a non career politician is treated in a candidate forum, ahem, pierce county youth and tacoma editorial board my heart goes out to you because the heart of Washington needs you to open your heart because the lack of money and need for more money is not the answer to solving our challenges with all due respect, it is a lack of heart and need for a little more heart, soul, and diverse intelligence from simple minds. Working together can offer enrichment that can work for everyone. As far as the Mccleary, my advice to you is to take a look at bethel school district 1976 year round school that accommodated many families with less schools and quality of education, I went to year round schools in washington state and it was better although many families today may complain it is not convenient the truth is there is nothing convenient about having children it is about your duty to protect and care for your child and not complain because it is the betterment for all and children are not children forever and the cost was less because it is not necessary to have a school every couple blocks and to rebuild them every few years the answers my friends are in your face but so many are oblivious to the obvious and it breaks my heart. I think out of the box and intelligent although I have been abused I was still good and good enough and I hope my human life suffering was not in vain because our children deserve better. CPS IS NOT convenient. Corruption is not convenient. Criminals are not convenient. Since when is the valid attempt for betterment not convenient? Thank you for your time and considerations in this matter.



American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Coordination and Review Section; Civil Rights Division

125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004


February 8, 2015


RE:  Letter addressed to Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and to each of the Washington State Senators about corruption in the judicial system in the State of Washington and how it is ruining people’s lives and ACLU was CC.


Dear American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU),

With this letter I am including a letter written today to each of the Washington State Senator’s and to Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee confirming the corruption in our judicial branch that our judges are out of control and are ruining people’s lives and letting them know that I had also CC the U.S. Department of Justice and few other agencies including ACLU as my valid attempt to have my concerns taken seriously.


There are grievances that describes criminal conduct by members of WA State’s Judicial Branch that   are uploaded attachments that can easily be accessed on line Anne Giroux seeks Article 4, Sec 9 REMOVAL of Judges James Orlando; Elizabeth Martin; Kitty- Ann van Doorninck – See more at:

Thank you ahead of time for your time and considerations.



Anne Giroux 253-882-5609

3214 Crystal Springs Road West

University Place, WA 98466


Primary Election August 2, 2016 Anne Setsuko Giroux’s message of thanks.

Heartfelt gratitude to the voters of the 28th District of Washington State 2016. Thank you!

(Prefers Democratic Party)
1,829 7.73%

2016 May - How did Anne Giroux  get to this point?
“We All Have A Voice.”- Anne Setsuko Giroux 2016 

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s family or friends. I would like to thank all 1829 registered voters in Washington State that took the time to vote for me. The results are a clear example that there is a need to address not only the issues at hand, but also the issues that I have presented. The public officials need to reconsider my recommendations seriously such as cps dshs and family law audit and reform. I would like to encourage more people to get involved because there are serious challenges that must be overcome for the sake of countless families in Washington State. Although I lost, I am overcome with a small measure of joy in my heart because I feel that despite all my human suffering that I can convert that into a positive, and 1829 people have shown me they believe this too. I am sincerely grateful to everyone for making my first candidacy experience feel like there are people in the community that care and want to contribute to betterment, but there is a need for everyone to want the same and be willing to work together. Learn more about what is going on in your community because your involvement can make a life or death difference in a person’s life. May the highest good come to everyone.

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Exodus 20:16

God bless those who fight for our freedom to protect the land, the people, the culture, the laws, the values, and the honor. I would also like to thank Bill Scheidler and Medical Kidnap for their outstanding dedication to act in the best interest of humankind, for believing in me and showing their support to me and the community by promoting awareness and inspiration for betterment. I have been strengthened by them and others at times I felt like I could literally no longer go on. No mother should ever have to experience what I have and my heart goes out to all the mothers that are experiencing the same and to the countless families that had hope I would win the primary election and there could be an opportunity for change. I am naturally disappointed my efforts to report crimes and the urgent need to conduct a cps dshs and family law audit has been restricted when I went to my local representative office to report or when I created a campaign website made visible to all of Washington State media, Washington State Governor and 49 Senators and all of the 2016 candidates and yet only two people running for office did personally wish me the best and sadly they were not elected. My effort to support my community has not been completely restricted, because I have received phone calls, emails, and in person personal support for my candidacy involvement and encouragement during my campaign. I would like everyone to know that your valid effort to promote greater good has been recognized by many and now we shall see if the public officials in Washington State can fulfill their obligations and protect individual rights when clearly almost 2000 registered voters agrees safety is paramount. I congratulate ahead of time all persons that are elected in 2016 and may the highest good come for all.

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist. 28, Position 1
253-442-7232 or 253-460-2854


“We pray for peace in everything you do. We pray for your good health. We pray that all goes well for you. We pray that your soul prospers.”- 3 John 1:2 –

Dear 2016 Washington State Governor and 49 Senators,

I would like to congratulate you ahead of time and wish to express to you concerns shared by many families statewide in Washington State. There is an immediate need for CPS (Child Protective Services) and family law audit and reform. There is a lack of protection for children by CPS and the family courts that is unconscionable. It is evident; it is time for change, time for the good of betterment.  It is time for everyone to stop ignoring reality and start to show a more friendly approach for addressing emotionally complex issues that many families face that  destroys families and devastates our economy, our children deserve better!  I will keep this website up and continue to post updates once in a while but mostly allow my message of importance to be available for everyone. The public and public officials are always welcomed to contact me at anytime to discuss the issues shared on my website and or share their personal stories or ideas. Communication is key and knowledge is power but together we can create a greater good in Washington State when everyone is willing to do good unto all and that is all anyone really wants. Saving one child from abuse is worthy. Every living thing upon the earth matters and no person has a scale to measure the worth of another being other than the scale created and compared by one self, with that being said what causes any rational and civilized person to not want to help any person that has been harmed or want to try to do everything they could to learn more so it would not happen again?  Feel free to make a change for betterment on your own or contact me if you are interested in learning more. A lack of common courtesy for positions being assumed in office,  unsatisfactory performance for protecting individual rights and failure to fulfill obligations in office demonstrated by any public official should be considered a violation pursued aggressively wouldn’t anyone agree? What is in place to ensure any candidate that assumes the role as a public official  in local government in Washington State to not allow any abuses to occur if there is an attempt for a new public official to stop any abuse but the majority of people in office want to make people believe ‘that’s-just-the-way-things-are-done’  mentality ? I am truly concerned of a normalcy bias and lack of care and caution that can be easily viewed by my running for office because the only people that showed any real care about serious issues are the voters that voted for me. We All Have A Voice Hear Our Prayers! I hope we can all be proud of the changes you can all make because there is always room for improvements regardless of any organization when the determination to do good unto all is there. 2016 is a new impetus to conduct a cps dshs and family law audit, reforms and other necessary improvements that can naturally work for the greater good of Washington State. Whatever it is you decide to do in life  best wishes to you.Thank you ahead of time for your considerations on these serious safety matters. Safety is paramount.


Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux

2016 Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist. 28, Position 1

253-442-7232 or 253-460-2854

Anne Giroux, victim of government corruption and indifference, presently candidate for representative, sums it up, perfectly!

Anne Giroux, victim of government corruption and indifference, presently candidate for representative, sums it up, perfectly!

Anne Giroux, candidate for representative in the 28th district, sums up all the right reasons she and I are running for office.

In an email to me Anne says,

Re: Good Luck!

Anne Giroux
Today 2:17 PM
Hi Bill,

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Thank you. I honestly did not view my candidacy as you mentioned because truth is in all things I am more focused on doing what I need to do that is good, honest and true regardless of how it may make me appear to others. So with that being said I am proud of me for never giving up on the very values and essence of my being a mother, candidate and human being. I am proud of you too. Although you have had your own unfortunate experiences that are similar to mine that has caused you to want to pursue betterment I am proud of your ability to do so in the style that you have because you truly demonstrate courage, hard work , and willingness to talk to people in the community that are experiencing difficult issues you will have to address yet they way a citizen delivers the information to you may not be at a more distressed level. I know I have run on sentences and this is an example of what I mean. I hope your exposure to me makes you a better politician lol because so many politicians simply don’t really want to understand some issues they address by the people that are experiencing because it can be very tiring, stressful and overwhelming for them. In other words, I believe people like you and I make the best candidates for facing the issues that we both want to address just because of our first hand knowledge and experience and so that means you and I have picked up many transferable experiences that are needed to do that job successfully in office. I know I have PTSD although nobody has diagnosed me and it is worse every year because my heart feels like it is literally dying and your the first human I have typed this on the internet too because I am aware it could be used negatively against me by anyone wanting to attack me cherry pick style. It is my heart desire to make it better and breaks my heart that I have been blocked. I can honestly say that a few men such as you and Dean Tong that have been courageous enough to say they believe in me are one reason I believe I have survived as long as I have and as strong as I have been able to be so I wish somehow everyone could have something or someone in place to at least assist them through what is most heart and brain shattering for all women, men and children in our community and everyone is impacted regardless of any actions that cps dshs and family law makes. I just wish everyone could just be more friendly in their approach to wanting to achieve goals. I understand when you hung up on me that you were frustrated and I am sorry. I do not wish harm to anyone. But I am proud of you and me in the sense that although that happened the desire to come together for sake of greater good was greater and allowed us to do so and I think that is really all everyone needs, the honest and good valid attempt to do everything we can , doing good unto all for all. God Bless you and your wife on your new life that will soon be if not this year then next year because I strongly feel in my heart that the public will see no other politician is more deserving to take a seat in office than you. Your endless dedication to our community and state is admirable and anyone that takes a stand to serve our state should be recognized as someone worthy. Thank you Bill!Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives


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Hi Anne,

Wanted to wish you good luck on Tues. I know being a candidate was difficult, tiring, stressful, overwhelming, …, but you did it! and I’m proud of you!

Bill Scheidler
chief activist at
Candidate for WA State Representative, Dist 26, Position 1

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Public Comment Board is now Open. “We All Have A Voice.”- Anne Setsuko Giroux

Anne Setsuko Giroux takes comments, concerns and personal stories shared seriously and welcomes everyone’s input! Citizen comments are always important and should be considered as an equally important part of the election process. I have decided to post a public comment board on my campaign website to allow serious and sincere comments, questions or concerns from the public.

This is a public website and I do not advocate for discussing any open cases regarding legal or other related issues. Please seek legal counsel or legal support groups or contact me privately. I have mainly created this public board for anyone in the community to coordinate joint efforts to bring the topic of CPS and Family Law reforms onto a local and Statewide platform discussion in the 2016 election process.

Why wouldn’t there be a discussion about CPS, DSHS and  Family law victims and the need for an audit and reform in 2016?

Can anyone tell me the name of one representative or senator in Washington State that is actively discussing how they will be working for 2016 CPS DSHS and Family Law Audit and Reform and  also providing informational support to the countless CPS, DSHS and Family Law Victims in Washington State? Thank you ahead of time for your support on these serious matters. Safety is paramount, wouldn’t anyone agree?


Any derogatory comments, pornography, inflammatory remarks, obscene images or language or personal attacks will be removed as result of a disrespect for respect and common courtesy.

The public is welcomed to contact me at any time by email or by phone 253-442-7232. I Can also be reached by mail at 3214 Crystal Springs Road West University Place, Washington 98466.

Additionally, I invite you to mark your “live” ballots for you and to endorse me on the site. LiveBallot is now being promoted directly to motivated Washington voters online via The Seattle Times and KOMO News. Every candidate in the country is trying to get followers to share their support across all of their social media platforms. Here is the simple link to share!/candidates/5761dd90fd778c00167b14a3

Thank you for your courage and compassion. Thank you for sharing your  time, considerations and personal comments, encouragement and or support. Many blessings to all. May the highest good come.

Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

I support a federal BBA ( Balanced Budget Amendment ) resolution and in Washington state. United we stand or divided we will fall. The entire nation must get involved, it is time for everyone to become engaged and begin to discuss ideas for ratifying a balanced budget amendment,and discuss and debate the language that will be written it. Congress has not paid back any of the debt since 1969. Our national debt increased more than $10 trillion from 2007-2015. There has never been enough money in the world to finance this debt in the past or now.

The bottom line is simple, we are living in desperate times and there is a need for the people to unite and become more engaged in community, locally and nationally for greater good and do everything we can to prevent our economy from becoming completely destroyed. I am just saying that I support a BBA. If you do not, then at least voice your ideas to your local legislatures on what you think can be helpful because everyone matters and everyone is listening because I believe everyone really does care despite the emotional economic complexity of 2016. Let us encourage one another and build each other up. “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama



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To: PDC Support <>

Hi. Thank you for your email. No I have not raised any money and no money has been given to me. In fact all my money is taken from me please see attached. I used my own money to file. I used my own money for gas to drive to Olympia to file, to drive to four separate candidate forums, to drive to neighborhoods to distribute my home made campaign flyers that I printed from my home computer that required me to spend money on replacing black and white and color ink cartridges at least three times and I bought something nice to wear to the forums. Anyhow I am sure I spent more money but I did not keep receipts although I might be able to find them.

The importance of getting my message out was greater than the importance of me getting any money. This is a matter that is an important matter to the public because every mother and child is at risk to experience the same. My sole efforts to run for office was to generate awareness and not to gather money. Although any money that would have been given would have been applied directly to my campaign in hopes of sharing my message far and wide. My efforts may not be the most traditional, most professional, most conventional however it may be slowly but surely emerging a response that older methods have not and likely would have not.

There is an immediate need for CPS (Child Protective Services) and family law audit and reform in my beautiful home state of Washington. My family’s unfortunate experiences with being falsely accused has discovered many areas within many organizations within my home state that need improvements however in summary there is a lack of protection for children by CPS and the family courts that is unconscionable. It is evident; it is time for change, time for the good of betterment in every district in Washington State. Victims deserve justice. Civil Rights Complaints exposes those who have harmed innocent families, it seems like the only way we can create accountability and hope we can keep CPS and family law courts from continuing to the unethical practices that plagues Washington.  There is a need for more transparency, accountability and better laws and that is the a reason I decided to run for office because I am aware it is not going to happen on its own. We cannot manage or prevent what we do not acknowledge and we cannot acknowledge what we do not know so I am simply exercising my civic duty by reporting information that is a substantial public interest.

I cannot conceive of the appalling actions I have experienced and how so many more families are at risk to experience the same simply because no person is willing to have the courage to stand up and do the right thing. I am simply a voice. I care very much about us all. Washington State is my home and what I cannot understand is how anyone that has knowledge of the same would not do as I do and it is evident that making money was not my goal. I do not have any thing to write in your books. I can create one but it will only show what my paycheck says- zero. I have already been contacted by someone in the community that has experienced the same as I have and they are asking me to help them and hoping I can get elected because change is needed desperately for cps dshs.I can understand the email that is written by someone that is clearly stressed and I can relate to what their experience. It saddens me to know that I am restricted and restrained from my rights to be treated fairly and equally as everyone in Washington State by the laws in Washington State. Many families have experienced the same scenario as I have and  false allegations ruins lives, there is a need for change in many areas in cps, dshs and family law. In my case doctors knowingly falsely accused me and  knowingly involved cps to be involved and although cps has changed their findings to unfounded they fail to remove the incorrect information from a statewide and national registry that restricts my ability to improve my situation in any way and has an impact on our economy as result of this action that prevents me from having a job that I had before and am qualified for that earns three times more than minimum wage and can allow me to buy my own food and have money to pay my mortgage. Families are not wanting a hand out they simply want a hand up from circumstances that were no fault of their own. There is a need for an organization to be created to help families simply move on from cps and family law involvements because the impacts can create a need for someone to simply smooth out some of the roadblocks that can arise.

I cannot conceive why anyone believes it can be achieved by people who have experience in an area that is deemed appropriate for the position when truthfully the only thing that is required is honesty and the  courage to never give up protecting the individual rights of Washington State Citizens. Why does any candidate need many years of any experience to  do that? Nobody has a perfect life and nobody should be discriminated against because of an imperfect life especially when it is evident their heart is in the right place. Anybody can learn the specific job description of any job and perform their duty and many people in office traditionally have been elected on the terms everyone continues to believe should be the only for electing anyone but truth is action speaks louder than words and both our state and nation proves that there is a need for change and the idea that everyone continues to restrict the opportunity for betterment on the basis of negative personal feelings or opinions of a candidate because they have unpaid bills, traffic tickets, or have not been actively participating in the voting processes is just an example of discrimination and a normalcy bias that actually is the cause that restricts the optimal potential for greater good. I think someone who has never had any experience in office may easily see areas that could use improvements where many other lawmakers have been accustomed to overlooking the obvious and or had not consider an approach suggested by someone that is not familiar or experienced. All I know is sometimes we have to take a leap of faith for sake of greater good when what is in place is not looking as good as it should.- Anne Setsuko Giroux



Respectfully, Anne Setsuko Giroux
2016 Democratic candidate for Dist.28a of the WA State House of Representatives

The 30 Articles of Human Rights

How can any level of corruption exist at all? RICO – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

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I don’t have enough gas to go to work tomorrow. I drove all the way to Portland Avenue food bank from University Place to get food, however, they decided to close an hour early because they claimed to run out of bags. It was a hot day today and there  were only volunteers on site. I can understand why they decided to close early, but I can also understand how this could present a hardship for someone that has no food or money for transportation. Volunteers are always appreciated and needed in many areas in our community. There is a need for more people to get more involved in their own community in various ways. Plastic bags, brown bags, and bus tickets would be greatly appreciated by citizens in need of visiting a food bank. There are so many people who do not have money to take the bus back and forth to the food banks, so a bus pass or uber ride would be helpful for so many people that have small children or physical limitations, but not necessarily a disability. This is something I know from personal experience after I had to walk back and forth to food banks with multiple injuries on my neck, back, and wrist, yet I never gave up because the importance to feed my children was greater. I admit it is very difficult to not feel inspired to do more when the daily activities of living can be so exhausting and challenging by no fault of one’s own. Many families simply want a hand up and not a hand out. So many families wish more sensitivity towards circumstances that were no fault of theirs could be given, because that can generate betterment for that family. I understand how it feels to be down on the ground, and being kicked upon only causes further detriment.I do not understand what causes a  civilized and rational person to not only ignore to help anyone in need, but feel the need to tell the person in need words that only cause more harm to a person in need for the sole purpose of justifying the reason to not help out. This saddens me because clearly some people feel helpless and guilty when they see a person in need. I am saddened how the answers to so many of the issues our community faces are right before our eyes and how so many people seem to be in a hurry and not wanting to carefully take the time to review and or see all that is available for greater good. When people can slow down people are naturally more calm and kind towards each other. When people slow down people are able to make better judgement and not overlook the obvious. When people stop trying to tell themselves it only makes sense to continue to reelect the same people in office because they know what they are doing then my question is how come more families are torn apart, our educational system is not a priority, lawmakers are giving themselves a raise while the supreme court has presented the McCleary Case, and basically I just want to ask the public a simple question … how is that working for us? Sometimes we just have to do the right thing, to have the courage to know that a true representative is someone who has the courage to do everything and not give up no matter what, and my life is the example of that. The importance to resolve many of the issues we face today is so great I sacrificed everything  just so my children and yours would never have to experience the nightmares I have and countless other families have, because it ruins lives forever. I put myself out there for all of WA State to read my story and I am aware that more than likely the majority just doesn’t care. I do not think badly or negatively about views that are not same as mine, but I do hope my story can be considered by everyone that reads my story, because it is a human interest. I am a survivor; I cared so much that I gave all I had left in hopes that someone could help make Washington greater, because when it is made better, the community feels the difference and that is good for everyone. I have never had any trauma healing other than writing, music, time and photography, so my apologies for my grammatical errors. I have been silenced for so long and conditioned to speak so much just so someone could hear me, because I quickly learned that laws are meaningless in a case that is corrupt and what would concern me is any mother subjected to what I have and not say a word or cry out. I wish for everyone to know I am fully aware and yet it was more important for me to not allow what has happened to me and my family in vain and my attempt to prevent another family or child to experience the same may not be traditional or conventional, but creative and sometimes that is what needs to be done when there is a level of corruption so great that every area is restricted and no relief can be gained. I wish for people to take the time to consider the fact a tree is sometimes purposely shaken to cause everything it holds so dear to become loose and fallen, and surrounding people might decide the tree and all it holds are not worthy just because someone didn’t like the tree or because the tree was just in the way for monetary gain. Whatever everyone decides to do just remember how special everyone is, good luck to you and your future. We are all only human and nothing can make anyone a better person to just care enough to do the right thing. Corruption is far and wide and that is the difference in everything. Action speaks louder than words. What have the lawmakers done for you and are things better as a result of doing the same thing over and over? C__Data_Users_DefApps_Windows Phone_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_1382146_737946356306189_1607723360705060513_n

Here is a link to the Pierce County Food Banks Special Diet Food Bank
Tacoma – Central  Tacoma Seventh Day Adventists Community Services
3108 Portland Ave. 98402 Mon- Thur 10am-2:45 pm 253-272-8289

Anyhow, I donated my brown paper bag to them so they could give it to someone who needs food. If anyone has any extra brown paper bags please contact the Special Diet Food Bank located on Portland Avenue in Tacoma, WA. Thanks. I was able to pick some blueberries at the blueberry park on the way home so I made the most of an unfortunate situation. My daughter and I enjoyed picking plump blueberries and for free. Here is a link for anyone interested in learning more about the blueberry patch farm owned by Metro Parks   It would be nice if homeless or low income citizens did not have to pay for a salt or fresh water fishing license just so they could at least have one way to have food. My experiences shared on this campaign website is to provide the public with honest communications and the importance for everyone to deeply understand how it is that I can directly relate to many of the issues that our community is facing and there are countless families who want betterment, yet are overwhelmed by the emotional complexity of the challenges. I will never give up. Washington is my home and I know it can become greater. I want to help bring back a more friendly place for us all to be and help pave the way for a greater good because everyone matters.

Meanwhile, is there anyone that can help me out? Is there anyone willing to offer me a ride to work or back home? I don’t have any bus money or gas money. Please call me at 253-460-2854. I ran out of cell phone minutes. These are examples of the impacts of corruption or fraudulent and  abusive actions that involve medical and judicial authorities knowingly making false allegations and entering that information in a database that restricts and restrains my ability to make my situation better and to simply move on and rebuild. I do not wish to simply complain. I am running for office as my honest valid attempt to help create betterment for everyone because no one should ever have to experience what I have. There is a need for some laws to be created but more importantly there is a need for transparency and accountability. Thank you all for your sensitivity to my situation and if anyone can help me then please contact me because I do not wish to ask for a hand out but a hand up would be appreciated. Washington State is my home and I care very much. Thank you for your compassion and considerations on matters that are a risk to all. Safety is paramount!

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