2012 July – Family picture with my daughters taken minutes before Kevin’s open heart surgery.

2012 July – There is a need for restructure of Family courts / juvenile/ dependency Courts and State Agencies of Child Protections incorporating Constitutional and Civil Rights protections for Families. Accountability for unconstitutional removals of children from their biological families and review of child seizures resulting in adoption or foster care. The prejudice of a being falsely accused of Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome is so great that a person’s credibility is completely destroyed. MSBP is being used extensively in the medical profession, by social services, and in court yet it is not even recognized by the American Medical Association. (AMA) http://www.pnc.com.au/~heleneli/newsletter.htm http://www.pnc.com.au/~heleneli/paper.htm

It is equally important not to harm the child by falsely accusing his mother of Munchausen syndrome by proxy thereby breaking up the family. http://www.msbp.com/CJMorley.htm

Meet Julie Patrick if you are interested in learning more from another person’s experience of being falsely accused of MSBP and exhonerated too late. http://www.msbp.com/

Medical kidnapping is part of a larger problem of State-sponsored child kidnapping.
Feel free to visit the website MedicalKidnap.com that features the stories of parents who have lost custody of their children due to medical disputes.:http://medicalkidnap.com/

“You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” Exodus 20:16

“We pray for peace in everything you do. We pray for your good health. We pray that all goes well for you. We pray that your soul prospers.”- 3 John 1:2 –

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