2012 May- Picture of my son Kevin

CPS was called on mom Anne Giroux for (spurious) allegations of “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy,” by one of the doctors referred to treat her son Kevin, who was recovering from heart surgery. CPS intervened, and Kevin was taken. The insurance company, doctors, lawyers and judges circumvented liability for medical malpractice by focussing all blame on Anne. Though the case was eventually dismissed, and Kevin returned, the stigma of CPS’s intervention remained, and provided ammunition for Anne’s abusive ex to file an expensive custody lawsuit. Though Anne prevailed legally in both the dependency and family courts, the daunting financial and emotional strain wreaked havoc on her life, leaving her jobless, carless, penniless, and soon homeless.

My family’s unfortunate experiences with being falsely accused has discovered many areas within many organizations within my home state that need improvements however in summary there is a lack of protection for children by CPS and the family courts that is unconscionable. It is evident; it is time for change, time for the good of betterment in every state. Victims deserve justice. Civil Rights Complaints exposes those who have harmed innocent families, it seems like the only way we can create accountability and hope we can keep CPS and family law courts from continuing to the unethical practices.

There is an immediate need for CPS (Child Protective Services) and family law audit and reform!There is a need for restructure of Family courts / juvenile/ dependency Courts and State Agencies of Child Protections incorporating Constitutional and Civil Rights protections for Families. Accountability for unconstitutional removals of children from their biological families and review of child seizures resulting in adoption or foster care.

The continual deprivation of our human rights is deeply disconcerting and worrisome. This must come to an end! Although I am no web expert, political candidate expert I am someone true and fully aware of the importance of a great way to generate awareness on the street so to speak when local media or other people in a community are not showing a wanting. My efforts may not be the most traditional, most professional, most conventional however it may be slowly but surely emerging a response that older methods have not and likely would have not. I have cited my go fund me campaign for your information only, shared my educational you tube videos, emails, letters, and face book as a way for everyone to have access to my story and updates.

The Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution is very clear about the fact that the state and the federal government do not have the right to infringe upon the sacred familial bond. Whatever it is you decide to do in life best wishes to you and thank you for your compassion.

Many, many heartfelt thanks,
Anne Setsuko Giroux


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